Mini Garden Towers: Fresh Produce for Every Space

In a world where limited space often poses a challenge for growing fresh produce, aspiring gardeners often have to get creative—but now they don’t have to!

The USANA Foundation is excited to announce a game-changing solution: Mini Garden Towers.

These bite-sized bags offer a compact and manageable way to cultivate your own sustainable garden, even in the smallest of spaces. With the added benefit of supporting our global Garden Tower program, these Mini Garden Towers are set to revolutionize urban gardening and empower individuals and families to grow their own fresh produce.

Growing Demand for Garden Towers

The popularity of Garden Towers among USANA associates and donors has been soaring. However, the global demand for Garden Tower material has made it challenging to provide traditional growing Towers for consumer purchase.

In response to the growing interest, the USANA Foundation has developed this solution that addresses the limitations of space and availability without compromising on the ability to grow nutritious produce.

Available now, you can purchase a set of three from the USANA shop in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Korea!

Perfectly Sized Gardens for Limited Spaces

Mini Garden Towers offer an innovative and versatile approach to urban gardening. Designed for use on patios, balconies, or front porches, these smaller versions of Garden Towers are ideal for individuals and families residing in apartments or those with restricted access to traditional growing spaces.

The compact size of Mini Garden Towers ensures that anyone, regardless of their living situation, can enjoy the benefits of growing their own fresh produce.

Supporting the Global Garden Tower Program

The purchase of Mini Garden Towers not only provides you with a convenient and sustainable gardening solution, but it also contributes to a greater cause.

With every set of Garden Tower Minis purchased, a donation is made to support the USANA Foundation’s global Garden Tower program. This means that each bag you buy helps provide a full-sized Garden Tower to a community in need.

By investing in Mini Garden Towers, you not only enhance your own gardening experience, but also actively contribute to improving food security and promoting healthier lifestyles worldwide.

Versatile and Customizable Gardening

Mini Garden Towers are available in three sizes: 1 gallon, 5 gallons, and 20 gallons, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space and gardening aspirations.

Each bag is designed with strategically placed holes along the sides, enabling you to grow herbs, flowers, and even small vegetables. The flexibility and adaptability of Mini Garden Towers ensure that you can create a customized garden that suits your preferences and needs!

Benefits Beyond Fresh Produce

Beyond the joy of harvesting your own fresh, organic produce, Mini Garden Towers offer numerous benefits. Engaging in urban gardening has been shown to reduce stress, increase physical activity, and promote a stronger connection with nature.

Cultivating your own mini garden can be a therapeutic and fulfilling experience that enhances overall well-being and fosters a sense of self-sufficiency. What do you have to lose?

Start Growing Your Own, Today

With the introduction of Mini Garden Towers, the USANA Foundation has revolutionized urban gardening by providing an accessible solution for individuals and families with limited space.

These innovative bags enable anyone to grow their own fresh produce, regardless of their living situation. Additionally, the purchase of Mini Garden Towers supports our global Garden Tower program, making a meaningful impact on communities in need.

Take the first step towards self-sufficiency, sustainability, and supporting a worthy cause by embracing Mini Garden Towers—the key to a thriving garden in any space.

Start your growing journey and help support our global gardening program by purchasing a set of Mini Garden Towers from the USANA storefront!


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