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Our Mission is to ensure that impoverished children and families reach their fullest potential by providing food and nutrition.


Since 2012 we’ve had an extraordinary impact.


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Through our powerful partnerships, we provide programs that span the globe.

Their Stories

Your service and donations have helped change lives throughout the world.

Filling bellies and giving smiles in the Philippines

I don’t know how your year begun, but ours has been off to an AMAZING start. If you remember, in late 2017, our Foundation President, Brian Paul, Made a visit to Helping Land, a slum area in the Philippines. While he was over there, Brian visited Project Pearls, our then potential partner, and now official…

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Meet Ajarn from Thailand

Ajarn is a new volunteer that’s working with our partners in Thailand. He is from Mae Hong Son Province, where there are many refugee camps. Most of the refugee camps in the area are closed, meaning that outside people are prohibited from visiting. Ajarn has, however, been allowed to visit the camps to bring hope…

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Restoring Hope- A story from the Philippines

Last year, Bebie Atamosa’s husband passed away, and her life drastically changed. She was left to care for herself and her family on her own and was also left with crippling debt from unpaid hospital bills. She had a job as a tailor that kept her busy, but didn’t allow her to adequately provide for…

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¿Se puede imaginar una vida en la que dependa de pozos para almacenar agua, y todo lo que ve cuando se asoma es la sequedad del concreto y los elementos utilizados para construirlo, y no desde hace uno ni dos, sino ocho años? ¿Qué servicios básicos se proporcionan? Fluir o no fluir En junio de…

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Basics that Keep Baja Thriving

Can you imagine a life where you rely on wells for water storage and all you see when looking in the well, is the dryness of the concrete and elements used to build it? Can you imagine this happening for not one, or two, but eight years? What basic necessities are provided? To flow or…

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Each one, teach one- THF in Indonesia

Did you know that 33% of children in Indonesia suffer from stunted growth? Did you also know that this stunted growth comes about due to deficiencies in diet? Malnutrition is the root cause of a lot of diseases and conditions, and for many children in Indonesia, it has been the cause of stunting, which affects…

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