World Service Week 2024: A Worldwide Movement to Serve and Nourish

Highlights from Our Philanthropic Week

No one works harder to make the world a better place than USANA employees and Associates. And it’s never more evident than during our annual World Service Week (WSW), which was held June 9–16.

Every year since 2017, our amazing USANA family has set aside one week for community volunteerism, the effects of which are far-reaching. No matter how big or small the act, it makes a difference.

Read on to see how our USANA family made it their mission to perform acts of kindness that leave lasting impacts.

Serving up quality nutrition

USANA Foundation Garden Towers are a great way to easily and sustainably grow healthy and nutritious food. Our colleagues around the world included the mini versions as part of their WSW project.

In New Zealand, the staff encouraged Associates to purchase a pack of mini Garden Towers, then helped them plant nutritious herbs and vegetables. They also donated Garden Towers to those in need.

“The Associates were uncertain how to plant the towers,” says Director of Business & Regional Training Debbie Baird. “With the help of our horticulturalist customer service superstar Brian Stoddard, we guided the Associates on how to select the best seedlings for cultivation, manage the climate, transplanting, hydration, and Garden Tower management.”

The completed Garden Towers were then taken to City Missions, Salvation Army stations, and kindergartens.

That’s not all—the small office also participated in Random Acts of Kindness Day, volunteered at the City Mission Food Service, delivered Garden Towers, and held a Family Rubbish Pick Up Day.

In Canada, the annual 5k walk run raised $9,500—half of that was from the fundraiser, and through our Matching Grant Program, we’ve doubled their impact. Way to go, Canada!

Everyone needs to be fed, no matter their circumstances. The U.S. writing & design team understands this even more now after serving lunch at the Volunteers of America (VOA) Utah’s Geraldine E. King Women’s Resource Center—an emergency shelter assisting more than 200 women experiencing homelessness in and around Salt Lake City.

“We assisted with meal prep, ran the service line, and helped with clean up,” says Sr. Manager of Writing & Design Flora Wilkerson. “It was a great experience giving back to our local community and those in need. It’s an incredible organization.”

In Europe, the German team supported Pfungstädter Warenkorb—a food shelter organization—in distributing food to 145 households. Pfungstädter Warenkorb is a volunteer initiative aiming to help citizens in need.

“Every Wednesday, volunteers distribute food provided by supermarkets, companies, farms and bakeries,” says Sales & Marketing Coordinator Vanessa Weyrauch. “The food is collected five days a week in refrigerated vehicles and checked, sorted, stored, and portioned for distribution by volunteers.”

Pfungstädter Warenkorb featured the team on their website.

Group projects from USANA employees

Any kind act can make an impact. In Australia, staff members worked in the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Rose Garden in Baulkham Hills. Since it’s winter down under, they trimmed and maintained the plants by pruning rose bushes, removing dead or diseased branches and leaves, and tidying garden beds.

“The volunteering activities were well-received by the local community and park management,” says Finance Manager Vicki Newby. “The staff also expressed a great sense of fulfillment and pride in contributing to the community’s well-being.”

That’s what the U.S. quality team did at the Cloud Rim Girl Scout Camp in the Wasatch Mountains. They spent a morning digging out lots of snow, repairing tent platforms, and setting up a few tents.

“Due to snow levels, the camp was not used in 2023,” says Manager of Quality Assurance Dijana Ukmar. “Several platforms had more than 20 inches of snow on them.”

Also doing good to help children, the production and creative operations teams went to USANA favorite Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids to build toy cars.

“As we celebrate USANA World Service Week 2024, we are reminded that acts of kindness can truly change the world,” says Office Administrator Marian Laureano. “Each act of generosity, no matter how small, has the power to make a difference. By coming together and contributing our time and resources, we create a ripple effect of positivity and hope. Our collective efforts highlight the transformative power of kindness and demonstrate that when we unite in service, we create a better world for all.”

Associates serving in Asia Pacific

In Malaysia, a team of Associates gathered together to donate food to an indigenous people’s village, located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Here, the locals do not have access to food, electricity supply and water supply, and this isn’t the first time the team has visited.

“It’s so touching that the kids there still remember us,” said Associate Anson Tham who served there. “They call us by name. And we provided more than just the essentials needs, we played some small games, danced, sang, and colored with them. We brought joy to the whole village.”

And in Singapore, a USANA Associate team volunteered to pack 15,000 meals for elderly folks with a local charity group, Willing Hearts. Another team did meal prep and a craft for those in need elsewhere in the community!

In the Philippines, Associates visited underserved children and taught them about proper nutrition, passing along some Usanimals, too!

“Doing good deeds isn’t just about donating money,” said Malaysian Associate Liew She Chit. “Charity is about being kind and building a harmonious environment. Even a small gesture, like a smile or encouragement, can make the world better.”

Thank you again to every Associate and USANA employee who helped make World Service Week 2024 a huge success!


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