How We’re Using Innovation and Sustainable Solutions to Fight Hunger in Africa

Africa, a continent rich in diversity and culture, grapples with the harsh realities of food scarcity and malnutrition.

As regions like Western Kenya and Uganda face the dire repercussions of poverty, lack of resources, and environmental challenges, millions of lives are impacted daily. The underlying causes of food insecurity in the world and hunger in African countries are complex and multifaceted.

Here, we’ll delve into these issues and shine a light on the transformative work being done by the USANA Foundation, in partnership with amazing organizations like 100 Humanitarians, Standing with Boys, and Kids Read Uganda , to combat hunger through our innovative Garden Tower program.

Food Scarcity and Malnutrition in Africa

Food scarcity and malnutrition continue to cast a shadow over Africa. In many African countries, particularly those like Western Kenya, poverty, gender inequity, disease prevalence, and inadequate infrastructure contribute to the struggles faced by communities.

With agriculture being a primary livelihood, climate change, lack of education, and poor agricultural methods can further exacerbate the challenges. These issues result in significant food insecurity, leaving families struggling to meet their nutritional needs.

Addressing Food Insecurity: The USANA Foundation’s Impact

The USANA Foundation’s commitment to alleviating global malnutrition is evident in our collaborative efforts in Kenya and Uganda.

Through strategic partnerships with organizations like 100 Humanitarians, Standing with Boys, and Kids Read Uganda, we’re so happy to say that our Foundation has taken a groundbreaking step with our global Garden Tower program that has taken root in 14 countries.

Our Innovative Garden Tower Program

The Garden Tower program, championed by 100 Humanitarians, has made waves across Kenya and Uganda.

This initiative imparts families with the skills and tools to grow their own vegetables sustainably. With the Garden Tower’s adaptable design, families can cultivate up to 120, 80, or 40 plants, depending on its size, ensuring a consistent source of nutrition and cultivating a sustainable source of food.

Fighting Food Scarcity in Kenya

In Kenya, 100 Humanitarians have embarked on a mission to empower communities across ten regions.

Through their Garden Tower program, families are learning how to grow vegetables using the Tower’s innovative design. The Garden Tower offers an efficient solution to water conservation and maximizes limited space, thus effectively addressing water scarcity while promoting food security.

Empowering Communities in Uganda

Across the border in Uganda, the USANA Foundation’s collaboration with Kids Read Uganda and Standing with Boys has catalyzed transformative change.

The Foundation’s support has enabled these organizations to teach sewing and tailoring skills to refugee communities, creating a sustainable source of income. Also, our Garden Tower program’s introduction fosters self-sufficiency by providing fresh vegetables, even in challenging conditions.

Creating Sustainable Solutions

The Garden Tower program resonates with the heart of the USANA Foundation’s mission: to combat global malnutrition and empower communities.

By providing families with the tools to grow their own food, the program addresses both immediate hunger concerns and long-term nutritional needs.

Supporting Our Mission: Making an Impact

We’re inviting everyone to be a part of this transformative and empowering journey. Your support can play a pivotal role in fighting hunger in Africa—with a donation of $20, you can contribute to the purchase of a single Garden Tower, providing families with the means to grow their own fresh vegetables.

Alternatively, a donation of $500 can sponsor an entire community of ten families, creating a sustainable source of nutrition and economic development. Your contribution, no matter the size, has the power to change lives, one Garden Tower at a time.

A Brighter Future for Africa

The USANA Foundation’s Garden Tower program serves as a beacon of hope amidst the challenges of food scarcity and malnutrition in Africa.

By empowering communities in Kenya and Uganda with innovative solutions and practical skills, our Foundation is creating sustainable pathways out of hunger. As families learn to grow their own food, the cycle of food insecurity can be broken, and the journey toward a brighter, healthier future can begin.

Through partnerships, volunteer engagement, and a resolute dedication to giving back, the USANA Foundation is indeed fighting global malnutrition, one Garden Tower at a time. Your support can amplify this impact and bring about positive change that resonates for generations to come.


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