What is a USANA Garden Tower?

A USANA Garden Tower is a simple, powerful solution that provides sustainable, nutritious food for people all over the world. Made from a long-lasting, durable material, each tower can hold up to 120 plants and be harvested for many years.

What Are the Benefits?

Feeds Families
A full-grown USANA Garden Tower can provide five or more nutritious meals a week for a family of six.
30% Less Water
Water is a precious commodity. A Garden Tower uses 30% less water than a traditional garden.

Income Opportunities
Families often sell their excess vegetables, using the money to pay for their children’s school fees. Others earn money from making Garden Towers to sell and have thriving businesses teaching others how to make them.

Improved health and energy
Proper food leads to improved brain and body development.​

Caring for a Garden Tower is therapeutic and promotes self-reliance and confidence.

Community collaboration and bonding
In an already tight-knit community, local families come together to share their harvests and support one another.

Make a Difference!

A small donation of $20 provides a family with a USANA Garden Tower and everything they need to grow sustainable food for years to come. Give a Garden Tower today and change someone’s life. Donate to the USANA Foundation’s Sustainable Programs or add a Garden Tower donation to your auto order.