Identifying the Need

The USANA Family is passionate about giving back and The USANA foundation is committed to ending malnutrition in communities around the world. That’s why we are teaming up with like-minded ambassadors to seek out local organizations in need of nutritional assistance.


Matching Grant Program

The Matching Grant is a fundraising program in which the USANA Foundation will match every dollar you raise up to a specified goal.

It’s simple.

Find a charitable organization in your community you desire to help. Learn about their needs and how an immediate or long-term food assistance project would help their cause.

Complete a quick and easy application. Include information about the organization. select the grant you would like to apply for, and describe how this grant will help. We will then contact the organization to discuss the details.

If your grant is approved, we will create a sponsorship page on where your friends, family, and members of your community can pitch in their support – similar to a GoFundMe page.

Doubling Your Impact

The USANA Foundation will match every dollar of your donation, up to the approved grant amount. If your grant was approved for $1,000, and you raise $1,000, the Foundation will match the donated amount and your organization will receive a total donation of $2,000.

Countless charities around the world are actively helping their communities. They are all around you, and you probably already volunteer with them. Now, you have the opportunity to double your impact and empower them further!