The Long-Term, Life-Changing Impact of Sponsoring a Garden Tower Community

Community gardens have long been recognized as a valuable resource in many countries for fostering social cohesion, promoting healthy eating habits, and enhancing food security.

The Garden Tower program, launched in 2019 by the USANA Foundation, has emerged as a transformative initiative that brings communities together, empowers families, and addresses the critical need for nutritious meals.

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At the USANA Foundation, we believe in the power of sustainable gardening to transform communities and lives. Our Garden Tower program has already made a real impact in regions like Baja, Mexico, Kenya, Philippines, Malaysia, and Guatemala, providing families with year-round access to nutritious, homegrown produce.

Here, let’s explore the profound impact of Garden Tower community sponsorships, highlighting how this support network enables families to grow their own food, create stronger bonds, and uplift their entire community.

Uniting communities through Garden Towers

But what is a “Garden Tower community?” At the heart of the Garden Tower program is the formation of Garden Tower communities, consisting of ten families and twenty Towers led by a local community leader.

Each family receives two Garden Towers, along with essential supplies such as soil, water, seeds, and tools. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of togetherness and support among community members as they embark on their gardening journey together.

Successful harvests and improved nutrition

With the resources provided and two Towers, a single family can produce up to 2,600 additional meals of fresh fruits and vegetables annually. However, the impact is amplified within the Garden Tower community.

Ten families working in unison can collectively generate an astounding 26,000 meals per year! This remarkable achievement not only improves the nutrition and well-being of the families involved, but also reduces their reliance on external food sources, creating a more sustainable and resilient community.

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Enhancing social cohesion and security

Beyond the abundance of fresh produce, the Garden Tower program fosters stronger social bonds within the community.

By working together toward a common goal, families support and learn from one another, strengthening relationships and creating a tight-knit network. This cohesion enhances community security, as families are more likely to look out for one another and collectively address any challenges they may face.

Education and skill development

Did you know that ngaging in gardening offers numerous educational opportunities, particularly for children?

Garden Tower communities serve as hands-on classrooms, where individuals of all ages learn about plant life cycles, organic farming techniques, and the importance of environmental stewardship. By acquiring these valuable skills, community members can empower themselves to lead healthier lives and potentially explore new avenues for personal and professional growth.

The vital role of Garden Tower Community Sponsors

While the dedication and collaboration within the Garden Tower communities are crucial, the support provided by Garden Tower community sponsors is equally vital.

A sponsor is an individual or organization that invests $500 into a single community over the course of a year. Given that the USANA Foundation’s administrative costs are covered 100% by USANA Health Sciences, this contribution directly benefits the families participating in the program, providing them with the necessary resources to succeed.

Sponsors play a significant role in improving the lives and health of these families, offering them hope, encouragement, and the means to build a brighter future.

Expanding the movement, one Tower at a time

Garden Tower communities provide more than just quality nutrition—they pave the way for an impactful purpose and long-term opportunity. As sponsored Garden Tower communities flourish and thrive, they serve as beacons of inspiration for neighboring neighborhoods and cities.

Successful participants can be trained as leaders, empowering them to promote and establish new gardens in their communities. This expansion of the program creates a ripple effect, spreading the benefits of community gardening and family networks far and wide.

Where are these communities?

Our Garden Tower communities are spread across these diverse regions, each with its unique needs and challenges. We’ve carefully chosen these locations to address hunger and malnutrition effectively.

Who qualifies for Garden Tower communities?

The selection process for Garden Tower communities is a collaborative effort.

We work closely with our international nonprofit partners and the leadership in each of USANA’s markets to identify communities in need. These are areas where the Garden Towers can make a significant difference in improving access to quality nutrition.

Sponsorship options

While many of these communities are generously sponsored by donors, we invite anyone with a passion for creating positive change to join us.

You have the flexibility to make a meaningful impact by:

Selecting existing communities | Choose one of our established Garden Tower communities in Baja, Mexico, Kenya, Philippines, Malaysia, or Guatemala. Your support will help these communities thrive and grow.

Creating your own community | If you have a specific region in mind or a vision for a new Garden Tower community, we welcome your initiative. Our global team can work with you to make your vision a reality, creating a sustainable, nutrition-rich environment from the ground up.

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Invest in a brighter future for food-insecure families

The Garden Tower program, with its emphasis on community collaboration and support, has become a transformative force in promoting healthier lifestyles, fostering social cohesion, and combating food insecurity.

Through the generosity and commitment of Garden Tower community sponsors, families are given the tools and resources they need to grow their own food, improve their nutrition, and strengthen their communities.

Join us in the mission to eliminate hunger and malnutrition, one Garden Tower at a time. Contact us and let us know whether you would like to sponsor one our already growing community efforts or whether you know of another community that you would like to sponsor.

Together, we can nourish communities and empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Sign up today to help transform a community!


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