How We’re Confronting Food Scarcity and Malnutrition in Asia

In the vibrant landscape of Asia, a silent crisis looms large—food scarcity and malnutrition. Over 1.8 billion people are food insecure in the Asia-Pacific region, a staggering 23% of the entire world’s population.

The USANA Foundation recognizes the urgency of the situation and is actively engaged in transformative efforts across the region. Here, we’ll uncover the sobering realities of food insecurity in Asia, shed light on the USANA Foundation’s impactful initiatives, and explain how your contribution can be the driving force behind change.

Asia’s Struggle with Food Scarcity and Malnutrition

It’s an unfortunate reality that much of Asia encounters persistent challenges of food insecurity and malnutrition. Despite remarkable economic growth, a disconcerting number of individuals endure constant hunger.

A report by the FAO and UNICEF revealed that more than 375 million people faced hunger in Bangkok during 2020 alone. Shockingly, access to adequate nutrition remains a distant dream for over one billion individuals, a number that surged by nearly 150 million within a year.

The multi-faceted impact of long-term hunger

The repercussions of food scarcity and malnutrition are far-reaching. Communities across the region, from bustling urban centers to remote corners, bear the brunt of negative impacts.

The cycle of hunger disrupts lives, stunts potential, and exacerbates existing inequalities. The situation is compounded by various factors, including economic downturns, lack of access to nutritious foods, and barriers to education about healthy nutrition.

USANA Foundation’s Regional Initiatives: A Beacon of Hope

We are thrilled to say that the USANA Foundation’s commitment to combat global malnutrition shines brightly in Asia. Collaborating with local partners, the foundation’s initiatives are a lifeline for communities in need.

Empowering Malaysia’s Vulnerable: Suriana Welfare Society

In Kuala Lumpur, the USANA Foundation’s collaboration with the Suriana Welfare Society offers a glimmer of hope for disadvantaged children.

Fresh meals and quality nutrition are provided to those in need through our globally-reaching Garden Tower program. This innovative solution transforms the lives of families grappling with food scarcity, offering nourishment and empowerment.

Indonesia’s Working Mothers: Empowered by IPB University

The USANA Foundation’s partnership with IPB University resonates deeply both in Jakarta, and more remote regions of Indonesia.

Working mothers and those desiring to improve their family’s health and economic situation are empowered through our Garden Tower program. Through our sustainable initiatives, they gain the means to cultivate nutritious food, abating the burden of hunger and securing a brighter future for their families.

Philippines’ Path to Resilience: Project Pearls Collaboration

In the Philippines, Project Pearls joins hands with the USANA Foundation to nurture island and inner-city communities, including areas such as Tondo, a landfill known for its unhealthy and dangerous living conditions.

Our Garden Tower program is sowing the seeds of positive change, fostering resilience and nutritional security where it’s needed most.

Your Impact: Turning Hope into Reality

The USANA Foundation’s work is only possible with the collective efforts of compassionate individuals like you.

Your $20 donation can provide a family with a Garden Tower, a sustainable source of nutrition. Alternatively, a $500 contribution can sponsor an entire community, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Lighting the Path Forward

Asia’s battle against food scarcity and malnutrition demands collective action and unwavering commitment. The USANA Foundation’s efforts, together with your support, can make a difference. Through innovative solutions and meaningful collaborations, lives are being transformed across Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

By joining hands with our Foundation, you become a catalyst for empowerment, resilience, and a brighter future. As the Garden Towers take root, they symbolize not just quality nutrition, but the promise of an empowered future.

Your donation, whether it be $20 or $500, can be the spark that lights the way towards a nourished and thriving Asia—where no one is left hungry, and communities flourish.


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