By Brian Paul

Each year I like to take time to reflect on the previous year – the ups and downs, what brought me happiness and what I could work on next year to become the best possible person I can be. Is it me or do we sometimes feel like the year has beat us up a bit? Maybe a lot.

I, myself, have had a year filled with illness, injury and too many personal goals pushed aside.

When it comes to charitable giving I usually tend to fall short there as well. I usually regret not giving more and not serving more. Time is a precious commodity and outside of work and family duties it’s extremely hard to recognize the “extra time” I have to spend helping external family members, friends, neighbors, or charitable organizations.

Well, I’m not giving up. I will recommit to make 2017 the BEST YEAR EVER! Not only for me, but for the many around the world who could use my help. Are you with me?!

Here are a couple ways to conquer some of your charitable goals.

Make it personal.

Are you connected to the cause? Are you actively engaged in how you are making a difference? Of course I am going to use the USANA True Health Foundation as my main example.  Why wouldn’t I? I am extremely proud of the work we are doing to change lives around the globe. But are you aware of all of them? Here are just a couple recent events you had a impact.

Thousands more people are receiving healthy meals this year because of YOUR donations. In fact, together we have donated enough to provide over 6 Million meals to those who are suffering or in need. Read some of their remarkable stories here:

I personally travelled to Haiti to see your donations at work. You were personally responsible for millions of dollars in medicine getting to those threatened with Cholera and infections due to injuries from Hurricane Matthew. Also, we granted enough funds to provide another 160,000 meals to those suffering as well. Watch the video below.

Choose your impact.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your donations? How many hours of service do you want to perform? Who do you want to help and how?

We are blessed to have a Foundation in which 100% every single dollar goes to charitable causes. And through our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund, we can provide 4 healthy meals for just $1. So, how many meals do you want to be responsible for?

$1 per month = 48 meals per year.

$5 per month = 240 meals per year.           

$20 per month = 960 meals per year.

You can see how it really adds up.  And when disaster strikes and people are living in turmoil, monthly auto order donations allow us to act immediately.

So, let the USANA True Health Foundation be a tool for you to make an even greater impact on the world in 2017. We have many plans in motion to bring more service opportunities your way and connect you with those who are in desperate need.

All of us at the Foundation, Jim Bramble, Susie Derber, Ayugi Arunga and Brian Paul, thank you so much and wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Start your impact here with as little as $1:


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