Honoring grandpa through the True Health Foundation

Throughout the course of my Eagle Project, I have been greatly blessed by family, friends, and other contributors. My project consisted of gathering dental hygiene donations from various sources, packing them up in kits, and sending them to an orphanage in Mexico with the True Health Foundation.

Why I chose this project

The main reason I wanted to do this project was to honor my grandfather, who was a dentist in Logan, Utah. He loved to serve and help people through his skills in dentistry. My mom often recalls times when my grandpa would give free dental care to those who were in need of it.

Zachary’s grandpa, Phil Betz, who passed away in 2012.

When I started brainstorming for my project, I ran into the issue of finding an organization that could take these donations and get them to people in need. As I began researching, my dad informed me of a trip that the True Health Foundation was putting on down in Mexico. We found out that they were going down to an orphanage in Mexico with around eighty to ninety kids and I realized that this was where the donations needed to be.

How I did it

My dad and I contacted the Foundation, and they said they would love to take my donations down. Also, I was excited to learn that they had a dental hygienist going down with my donations to help teach the kids how to properly use the supplies.

After we contacted the Foundation, I went to work on getting as many donations as possible. I reached out to many people in my ward family and they were willing to donate to my project. I also got many valuable donations from family members.

Once I got the bulk of my donations in, I had many youth in my ward come over and help assemble my dental hygiene kits and put them into boxes. After we assembled the kits, we counted them and found that we had one hundred and twenty- one kid kits and two hundred and twenty-four youth kits.

A few days later, we took the boxes full of kits down to Brian and Hayden Paul. Overall, this project was a great experience where I was able to bless the lives of others with the help of the USANA True Health Foundation.

From the Dental Hygienist, MaryAnne

”On behalf of myself and all the children and families I was able to provide with new brushes and paste because of your kind efforts. Thank you so much.” –MaryAnne Cullen, USANA Believer and Dental Hygienist

We are so grateful four our USANA Family, and the ways in which we all work together to make a difference.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.


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