2020 USANA Foundation | USANA Live Americas and Europe Virtual Convention Recap

Here are a few heartwarming highlights from #USANA20 Americas and Europe Virtual Convention.

A Monumental Convention | Stories of Real Impact

It’s no secret that this year’s Convention is vastly unique compared to years past. Although the Convention was virtual and working around many changes due to COVID restrictions, it was nothing short of a memorable time! We missed seeing you in person and we missed our “normal” annual USANA Live 5K; however, many of you still set out to go the distance of 3.1 miles whether by walking, running, biking etc. and still raced your way to a healthy and happier you!

When all is said and done—whether in person or virtually—it all comes down to the incredible people who make the USANA Foundation tick. Each and every one of our Ambassadors, Associates, and Partners, along with USANA’s support, contribute to the success of The Foundation.

One of the best feelings is knowing you’ve made an impact for good. And no one knows this feeling better than our many Ambassadors around the world. They embody our mission to end food uncertainty across the globe, bringing together friends, family, and fellow USANA teammates to serve their communities. This reach extends far beyond what The Foundation could ever accomplish alone. Their time, dedication, and service is truly extraordinary.

We knew if we set a BIG goal for this year’s AEVC our USANA Associates would come through. Sure enough, each of you made it happen. In fact, thanks to your tireless efforts, and USANA’s match, we surpassed our goal to provide 100,000 meals, reaching a staggering total of 920,000 meals for families globally. What a way to make a huge impact for those who need it most!

Providing sustainable nutrition and meals for families in areas where there is food insecurity is always a necessity. Since COVID-19 has come about, it’s created an even bigger need for families not only in impoverished areas, but for various others throughout the world as a whole. Thankfully because of your generosity, we have been able to provide meals for families in the America’s and European regions. To give you perspective, here are some in-field stories of those who are directly being impacted by the work you’ve contributed to:

Field story from Romania:

Joanna, her father and grandmother

Joanna has a very difficult family situation. When she was just a toddler, her mother left her to her father and grandparents who would have to provide for her. Although her mother lived nearby in the same city, she would only visit her every few weeks.

Her father works hard as a night guard at a butcher house to not only provide for Joanna but for the grandmother who is in poor health. Unfortunately, the grandfather passed away a few years ago leaving the financial burden solely to Joanna’s father. They also help with her great-grandmother from time to time, who is paralyzed. This adds extra burden and stress to the family.        

Recently, Joanna’s father became very ill. He was in need of surgery but couldn’t receive the proper care due to COVID-19. He became unable to work. The family was in a desperate place, and the church was able to step in and help, providing Food Paks at the perfect time.

Joanna will be 18 years old next month and hopes to go to college next year where The Mercy Network will continue to help support her financially. The community Joanna and her family have gained, through the Food Pak program, has truly changed their lives and will have a lasting impact.

Field story from Ukraine:

A Food Pak recipient in Ukraine, named Anna, has been visited by CHF Mercy Network members for many years. Anna is a widow, caring for herself and her grandson, Bogdan.

Anna had a daughter named Marta who’s the mother of Bogdan. Bogdan was unfortunately born with serious medical issues and has undergone many unsuccessful surgeries. When Bogdan was a child, Marta began to struggle with an addiction to alcohol. At the time she was living with her boyfriend and had been in and out of prison various times. Tragically in 2007, Marta’s boyfriend took her life, leaving Bogdan without his mother.

Anna receives food from CHF Mercy Network

Since this tragedy, Anna has had custody of her grandson. Bogdan is now 24 years old but is still needing around-the-clock care. He continuously suffers with seizures along with a number of different difficulties as Anna continues to care for him on her own.

Because of your contributions, the Mercy Network is providing them not only with hope for their future but Food Paks and other useful resources and necessities.

NOTE: Recipients’ names are changed to protect their privacy.

These are real stories that show the real impact you have in someone’s life when you choose to make a donation through the Foundation. The Foundation’s President, Brian Paul says it best:

“The USANA family came through again! I’m not really surprised. Each and every time we call on them for help they are there to answer. This has been a tough year for many and for some it’s been quite devastating. I’m grateful for our Associates who make such a difference in times of need.”

Brian Paul

Continue to Impact the World for Good

Make a difference in the lives of those around you by becoming a USANA Foundation Ambassador today. Qualifying is easy—serve in your community, commit to a monthly donation, and share the mission of the Foundation through your business and online presence. Being an Ambassador takes work, but you get to share incredible rewards with your community and your team.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA Foundation always go to changing the lives of those most in need around the world.


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