Ms. Liu Xing: Helping Those Who Help Most

Serving Selflessly

In the Hubei Province of China, a story began to circulate about a doctor who had so few supplies he was forced to use a shoe cover as a hair net. With the growing emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic, many doctors lacked the materials they needed.

One woman decided to do something about it. Surrounded by her team and other local families, Ms. Liu Xing jumped into action. In just a few short days, they donated 8,000 masks directly to caretakers and medical workers on the frontlines of the health crisis. They also worked with the Shenzhen Lions Society to donate 300 goggles and nearly $7,000 worth of medical supplies. And together, they raised around $90,000 to support the province’s medical efforts through the USANA Foundation.

Ms. Liu Xing and part of her team

Looking for ways to help in the community

Long before this health crisis struck China, Ms. Liu was no stranger to organizing charity efforts and looking for ways to help her community. A part of the USANA family for over 15 years, she’s been actively involved in many welfare projects and activities—everything from organizing hiking trips to caring for children with autism. And when winter comes, Ms. Liu buys warm clothing for kids in need. She often sends coats, hats, and gloves to the Sichuan Province, an extremely cold region where winter often lasts seven months and families struggle to keep their children warm and fed.

So, it’s no surprise that for most of this year Ms. Liu has closely followed the effects of the current pandemic. She continues to see doctors and other medical professionals giving their all to help in heavily affected areas without the proper supplies. It’s why she’s accepted a position with an emergency response group within her JingYing USANA team, and it’s why she wants to help coordinate the welfare and charity efforts directed to aid the health crisis in China. Ms. Liu has been in close negotiations with over 10 organizations for many months to find masks and medical supplies to donate.

“The love and dedication of the JingYing family inspire me to work even harder,” she says. “Every day, I want to cheer for the heroes on the front lines of this pandemic. We all want to help them do their best. That’s why we’re trying so hard to donate supplies directly to them.”

Ms. Liu Xing

Ms. Liu Xing truly embodies the USANA Foundation’s vision for going above and beyond to reach out and provide lasting support within our communities. She and her team have done more with less, and those they’ve helped will thank them for years to come.

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