Inspiring Service at a Social Distance | World Service Week

On Saturday, June 6, the USANA family kicked off our fourth annual World Service Week. Social distancing made giving slightly more challenging this year, but our USANA Associates and employees around the world selflessly stepped up for the cause. Communities and individuals donned their USANA Foundation shirts to help neighbors, clean up parks, fundraise, and donate time, food, clothing—even blood, in short supply due to COVID-19.

Here are a few heartwarming highlights from #WorldServiceWeek20.

Working Together in Thailand

USANA Associates and employees in Thailand gathered to fill boxes with food and treats for those impacted the hardest by the virus in their area. Garbed in masks, gloves, and Foundation shirts, everyone joined forces to pack food to be delivered to grateful families in need.

The boxes full of savory necessities and special sweets were distributed near the USANA office in Thailand. Looking at their photos, the bright smile of every participant clearly radiates through each mask.

A Good Deed Every Day in the Philippines

USANA Philippines went all out, using each day of World Service Week to contribute in a unique way. On Saturday, June 6, they worked with soldiers to deliver personal protective equipment to hospitals. On Sunday, Associates provided food packs and groceries to homeless families—and more food, clothing, and household necessities were donated on Tuesday.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

On Wednesday, public transport drivers were comforted by the sight of those wearing Foundation shirts bringing food packs and other goods for the many who are out of work—over 350 of them received a pack. And even more frontline workers at hospitals, police stations, and other institutes, including at-risk schoolchildren, were similarly supported throughout the week. Way to go, USANA family—what an incredible inspiration!

Fundraising for Food Relief in Malaysia

On the final Saturday of World Service Week, the USANA Malaysia family and Suriana Welfare Society came together to host a Foundation fundraiser and food collection event. The sunny weekend afternoon made for a great turnout. Food packages were distributed to 1,000 families, and a significant amount of money was donated.

Everyone worked hard to haul heavy boxes of food and bags of rice, and they did it all with a joy of giving. One thing’s for sure—mask or no mask, the USANA family shines through service.

On the Wild Side of Service

One creative Associate found a way to both donate to a good cause and delight her daughters when she adopted a pair of rescued baby elephants for World Service Week. Pika Pika and Mukkoka are a part of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s orphaned animal network—and now they’re part of the USANA family, too. ?

Creating Good Through Selfless Service

Thank you for another incredible World Service Week. Your compassionate acts enable the USANA Foundation to make a global impact. As you serve others proudly clad in your Foundation shirt, be sure to tag us on social media, @USANAFoundation_ on Instagram and @TheUSANAFoundation on Facebook, and use the hashtag #USANAGives.

USANA CEO Kevin Guest found his own way to serve at a social distance this year with  USANA Kids Eat.

And you may have noticed our donation page looks different—it’s easier than ever to change lives through global meal relief and sustainable programs. Another exciting chapter in the Foundation refresh!

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA Foundation always go to changing the lives of those most in need around the world.


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