Making a Mark Within Our Own Communities | A Message from Kevin Guest

Giving vs. Getting

Giving back. It’s something I talk about frequently, especially as it relates to one of USANA’s core values—community.

This notion of giving back to our community, however close or far away, guides me. I also believe it’s so important to express gratitude and to offer thanks to the individuals who help those in need.

Kevin Guest
Kevin Guest

As I share in The Holland Principle, each of us has a great capacity to help others, to make someone’s life better. When we serve others, we are ultimately working to improve ourselves.

I also speak a lot about the idea of “giving vs. getting.” Often, we’re so wrapped up in our own busy lives, that we forget the importance of helping others. If we can focus more on serving others, I think we’ll live a life of abundance.

And so that’s my challenge to you as we enter this Season of Giving. Please look for ways within your own communities to make a difference. I know so many of you do that year-round—thank you.

Let’s continue to lead with service this holiday season. Below are a few opportunities that have caught my eye recently.

Holiday Bag Project

The USANA Kids Eat Holiday Bag Project, which is currently underway, is a hyper-local volunteer effort that’s benefited Utah students for more than a decade. If you live outside Utah, however, I’m sure organizations in your local communities offer opportunities to help children in need.

Or, you’re welcome to contribute to USANA Kids Eat, and we’ll make sure your dollars are put to good use.

USANA Garden Tower Project

I wrote about the Garden Towers Project in September’s newsletter (and you can read about the ongoing effort on my blog).

When it comes to improving communities in our own backyard and globally, The USANA Foundation is second-to-none. Its latest worldwide humanitarian effort helps to build low-cost, self-sustaining garden towers to provide food for those in need.

Building Garden Towers globally.

In fact, for just $20, you can fund an entire tower from start to finish. Purchasing garden towers on behalf of friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors could make for impactful Christmas gifts.

Here’s a video where you can learn more about these innovative towers. And where you can donate to help us reach our goal of building 30,000 garden towers by USANA’s 30th-anniversary celebration next summer.

Giving Tuesday

Each year, the world pauses to shift its focus from getting to giving. This year, Giving Tuesday takes place on Nov. 30. Countless worthwhile organizations participate in this day of helping others.

Obviously, The USANA Foundation and USANA Kids Eat are two organizations I recommend supporting. However, it’s the act itself of giving back that’s most important. After all, as the organizers of Giving Tuesday write, “everyone has something to give, and every act of generosity counts.”

The Spirit of Giving

As we celebrate the Season of Giving, I’d like to encourage you to look within your community and identify opportunities to give. It’s so important to have in our hearts a Spirit of Giving. I believe it enriches our lives as well as the lives of others.

Thank you for subscribing to these monthly updates and for doing all you do to help make the world a better place. We all have the power to help others, to give back, and to do good in this world all year long. 

May your holiday season be filled with happiness.

— Kevin


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