Feeding the Hungry in Hong Kong

The global pandemic over the last 18 months has affected nearly every country on the planet. It has affected the health, livelihoods, and mobility of billions of people around the world. It would be easy to argue that such a time would be perfect for individuals to become selfish and self-focused.

Selfless Serving

Here at the USANA Foundation, we have had the incredible opportunity to see the selflessness of others. Through our Matching Grant program that was launched during the heart of the pandemic, we have seen over 30 successful fundraisers led by our USANA family. Through these fundraisers, we have been able to connect with over 15 new charitable partners and give nearly $75,000 in crucially needed support.

One of those successful fundraisers was completed by Coral Chan and the XTRM 1-11 Hong Kong team. Based on one of the busiest and most crowded cities on earth, Coral and her team could have easily chosen to stand back and stay quiet until the pandemic was over. Instead, they chose to innovate and find ways to serve their community from within their own homes. After hearing about the new fundraising program, Coral and her team decided to visit a local charity called Food Grace in May of 2021. Together, their team pulled their time and resources to help raise over $2,000 USD for the organization. 

Our team had the pleasure of speaking with Coral and Clio about their experience. Clio is a teacher and Coral is a young business professional. Wanting to make a difference, the two women helped establish a team of 15 individuals who each contributed to the fundraiser by calling, texting, and communicating via Facebook. 

When asked about her desire to serve, Clio stated, “I wanted to be a good example to the students that I teach.” And, “I was tired of seeing food wasted while people went hungry. Food Grace fixes both of those problems by turning potentially wasted food into recycled and safe-to-eat food for people in need.” 

Streets in Hong Kong

The team has previously served in the community by baking Moon Cakes and national festivals and through frequent service projects in both Hong Kong and the Philippines. As busy as their schedules are, they make it a point to always incorporate service into their business and personal lives. 

Finding the time

This isn’t the first time that the USANA Foundation has worked with Coral Chan and her USANA team. Despite her young age, Coral is always leading the charge to get out and serve more. Regarding her most recent experience, Coral said, “So many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and I felt like I had to do something to give back. Fundraising for Food Grace was a great way to do that.” Coral also said, “If your desire to do something is strong enough, you will always find the time to do it.” It is easy to see that she stands by her statement. Despite actively running her business and pursuing dance as a hobby, Coral always finds the time to help others.

“If your desire to do something is strong enough, you will always find the time to do it.”

Coral Chan

To Coral, Clio, and the whole XTRM 1-11 Hong Kong team, we say thank you! It is your example and the example of dozens of other USANA teams around the world that have fundraised during the past year that keep us inspired. Thank you for having the vision and dedication to make a difference in the world.

Hong Kong Market

Food for Thought

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA Foundation always go to change the lives of those most in need around the world.


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