2019 Associate Mexico Service Trip Recap

We look forward to our service trips each year—especially our Associate trip to serve at the Baja California Mission of Foundation for His Ministry.

The USANA Foundation has sent aid and volunteer groups to this mission in Vicente Guerrero for many years, and each time we are reminded just how important it is to help those communities. And the Associates who make it possible always have incredible experiences and change in their own special way.

On October 19, 2019, we sent another amazing group of Associates for a week of service and changing lives. And like always, it was an unforgettable journey.

A Week Can Change Everything

Twenty-four individuals, all from different regions and countries, speaking five languages—this was the Associate team that ventured 178 miles south of U.S.-Mexico border to serve people in need. Despite their differences, they worked side by side with one mind and one vision: to make the world a healthier, happier place.


They swept floors, folded clothes, worked in the orchard, supervised children, and helped in the kitchen. The Baja Mission truly is a wonderful place where children can learn and grow in an environment that encourages them to find their potential. Helping them achieve their goals is an amazing blessing and the Associates involved loved every moment (especially playing with the kids).


Most days, the USANA team went out into nearby communities to provide outreach and service. They packed many bags to breaking with pasta, rice, beans, fruits, and veggies. And then distributed them to families in need, many of them not even sure where their next meal would come from. Associates also visited a local daycare facility that receives food from the USANA Foundation and helped a few families with house projects like cleaning, painting, and repairs.

The mission was also grateful to have these Associates accompany them as they visited smaller nearby towns to teach classes to children and hand out food, treats, and toys. All said and done, the week was busy and many of the Associates ended the day exhausted. But they could rest easy, knowing they had been the spark to change so many lives for the better.



The Associate Team

Isabelle Paquette

Christopher Asuncion

Linda Liying Tang

Claudette McFadden

Kelly Ann Paquette

Tim Ford

Kristie Pare Vance

Molly McDonald

Diane Deslongchamps

Serge Deslongchamps

Claudia Aguila

Berenice Martinez

Mary Ramos

Randy Crebs

Peter Pau

Bibiana Fung

Cordia Leung

Cynthia Bao

Lucy Chen

Maria Christina Doppler

Eric Davies

Ayugi Ntambwe-Kalala

John Schneider

Karem Sanchez

We’d like to thank these amazing people for their positive attitude and willingness to help. And remember, you can always help by donating to the USANA Foundation. Or you can become an ambassador yourself and join us next year.


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