Feeding Families in Indonesia

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It’s an unfortunate truth, but for many people across the world, stable food sources are often a luxury. This is especially true for the community in Nunleu Village, Indonesia, the most malnourished of 13 villages in the Amanatun Selatan sub-district. Through your generosity, the USANA Foundation (formerly the USANA True Health Foundation) provided a grant earlier this year to the FMCH (Foundation for Mother and Child Health), an organization tackling malnutrition across Indonesia.

In early September, a team of USANA Associates joined USANA Indonesia GM Charles Suhada and FMCH chairwoman Syifa Andina on a trip to survey the program established thanks to this grant. Read on to learn more about how the lives of those helped are changing for the better.

a child suffering from malnutrition propped on the lap of a woman
Many of the children in Nunleu Village suffer from malnutrition.

Hungry Beginnings

Most who live in Nunleu Village have little or no access to clean water or consistent, wholesome nutrition. The single road into the village is only accessible by off-road vehicles. Thirty-five severely malnourished children in the village—all under 5 years old—live without electricity in three-meter huts with their families. The majority of family income, about $36 a month, is generated farming corn, beans, and potatoes.

a truck drives away from the camera with a tarp covering supplies in the bed
The single road into Nunleu Village is only accessible by off-road vehicles.

The most immediate need in the village is for families to have access to proper nutrition and pure water, despite the challenging access point. Empowering them to rise from poverty is the next step. The program created through the Foundation addresses these issues by providing wholesome meals for the malnourished children of the village, training parents and community health workers, and setting aside funds to monitor the program into the future.

a group of people dressed in casual clothing take notes during a presentation
Villagers were provided with training to help address malnutrition issues in the long-term.

Making Every Dollar Count

Cultural leaders, representatives from the community, and the head of Nunleu Village gathered in February to map out the grant funds—deciding how to make the most impact from every dollar. During the town hall, villagers were taught about nutrition—preparing and cooking dishes the children would love, learning how to perform anthropometry (weight/height) measurements, and discovering ways to effectively communicate with parents.

two huts in the middle of a forested area
Families live in three-meter huts without electricity or water.

Thanks to the grant provided by the Foundation, the children have been able to enjoy delicious and wholesome foods: vegetable soup, tofu meatballs and sausage, fish, chicken, rice, even sweet treats like cassava cake. FMCH detailed the program’s results during the first four months and, incredibly, 77 percent of the children increased their weight during this time. Only three children experienced weight loss, due to external factors such as illness.

a woman smiles brightly as she looks down at a bowl of food in her hands; a child in her lap scowls playfully at the camera
Children were able to enjoy delicious and wholesome foods as part of the grant.

Better Health for Mother and Child

FMCH has worked with Nunleu Village for five years now, tirelessly providing first aid, tending to sick children, and educating parents and community members. They recognize the value of the USANA Foundation providing valuable insight and support. Thanks to this cooperative effort, community health workers will continue to monitor the health and growth of the Nunleu Village children.

a woman filling out paperwork while another woman, holdinga, child, watches
Nutritionists have been trained to monitor the health of children in Nunleu Village.

The Foundation is lucky to have global partnerships and selfless USANA Associates who allow us to positively affect those in need around the world—feeding families and empowering individuals today for a better tomorrow. This project has truly been fueled by your generosity.

a woman stands, presenting, between two blurred out figures in the foreground
During their trip, USANA Associates presented nutrition information to the villagers.

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a man and a woman carrying a child pose in front of a hut
USANA Indonesia GM Charles Suhada took a trip to Indonesia earlier this year to survey the program established by the grant.

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