USANA True Health Foundation in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

So… First things first- if you haven’t checked out the Foundation’s Facebook page in the last week, you NEED to either get right to it, or keep reading because you are about to be amazed!

Our team of Foundation staff, CHF representatives and USANA associates got back from Vicente Guerrero in Baja, Mexico last week, and after all our hard work, we are now ready to share ALL about our trip!

After meeting in San Diego (most of us for the first time), we were right on our way across the border and into Mexico. With so many different activities, there’s no better way to tell you about it all than to have you watch these videos:

Day 1

Learning about all the staff at the Mission was mind-blowing. Them members of our group were all so emotional as we heard story after story shared of ordinary people who were “out in the middle of nowhere” during “nothing-short-of-extraordinary” things! From dentists, to engineers and even regular people like you and I- they all dedicated their lives to making a difference in other’s lives.

Day 2

As if the emotional rollercoaster of Day 1 was not enough, we went out to the community on Day 2. The community went to was an area where migrant farmers live with their families. The children were thrilled to get some play time, as well as their healthy snack, from our group.

Day 3

While part of our group worked at the Mission (anything from painting, to sorting macadamia nuts, and to even helping finish cabinets and helping bathe those from the special needs center), the rest of our group went into local homes and delivered food paks.

“As we entered one of the many homes in the area we were greeted with overwhelming emotion by two women, one that was blind and had quite a few disabilities and the other was her aging mother. Both took me by the hand and brought me to an empty pot with a half-eaten tortilla that they had been living on for the last three days. We could barely contain ourselves. Just the very thought of this was horrifying to me, but to see it was more than we could take. We assured them as we left that we would have someone from the local orphanage watch over them. Without our generous Associates, we would not have been able to make that promise.”

– Brian Paul, Executive Director of Communications.

This experience was so emotional and meaningful, as our USANA associates got to connect the donations they provide with the end-recipients.

Day 4

This day was huge, with Dr. Ira Bernstein, USANA Bronze Director, and Dental Hygienist, Mary Anne Cullen, USANA Believer, going out into the community and setting up mobile clinics at which they provided their expert services for free.

On this day, our group also got to deliver a year’s supply of Usanimals to the children at the orphanage, describing doses to their “house parents” and sharing with them the importance of ensuring that they take their vitamins.

To end the day, our group spent the afternoon at four different local communities, where some shared a health snack, while others threw a Christmas party for the children.

This trip was so great, and besides coming home with exhausted bodies, we all came home with full hearts. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for associates’ accounts of this trip, and to our website for future opportunities to partake in a similar service opportunity.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.


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