Planting Sustainability in Kenya

A Blooming Partnership

Building relationships and creating lasting partnerships with other like-minded organizations plays a big role in our mission to eliminate hunger throughout the world. It’s why we jumped at the opportunity to partner with 100 Humanitarians International.

100 Humanitarians works to create “sustainable projects that support communities and preserve the culture of indigenous tribes” throughout Kenya. As part of our partnership, we funded the USANA Bomet Garden Project. The goal is to provide garden tower systems to families in the village of Bomet to establish a long-term way to sustainably grow fresh vegetables.

In a March 8, 2020 project update, 100 Humanitarians reported 26 tower systems had been built at that time. Of the 26 systems,

  • 17 families were eating at least one meal a week from their garden tower systems, with 9 families waiting for the vegetables in their garden systems to ripen for harvest.
  • 36% of families were eating 3–5 meals each week from their garden towers
  • 16% were eating 5–8 meals each week
  • 12% were eating 1–3 meals each week
  • And 32% sell extra vegetables at the local market for an additional income per family ranging from $2 to $5 U.S. Dollars.
Planting sustainability in Bomet

Since this report, four more tower systems have been built.

The lasting impact sustainable projects like this one makes on communities is inspiring. By providing families fresh vegetables and allowing them to raise money selling extra produce, lives are changed today and for future generations. We look forward to the continued growth of this project and many others to come from this partnership.

You can get involved and help us continue this worthwhile partnership by donating to the USANA Foundation. Our mission is to ensure impoverished children and families are provided the food and nutrition they need to reach their fullest potential. With 8,500,000 meals served in 26 countries, we’re creating a network of volunteers that spans the globe.

Kenya Garden Towers


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