Ben McAdams Visits Kids Eat

Ben McAdams Builds Relationships for a Better Future

With all the vitriol dominating politics in the United States, there are some politicians who are still optimistic. They strive to cross the aisle, work together, and make the world a better place for their constituents and the country as a whole.

You can count Democratic Congressman Ben McAdams as member of this group.

Rep. McAdams visited the Home Office on February 20. He met with the USANA Foundation, packed food bags for USANA Kids Eat, and addressed employees in a town hall-style meeting.

I’ve been a member of Congress for a year, and I can attest what you see on the news is a pretty accurate depiction [of Washington],” McAdams told employees. “But I’m an optimist. I ran for office as a Democrat in Utah. You have to be optimistic to try that.”

His idealistic nature is refreshing in today’s political climate. McAdams extends an olive branch to those whose opinions may differ from his. He looks across the aisle to work together with members of opposing parties. And he encourages us to have similar conversations in our own lives—at work and home—to bridge that divide.

“Social media has enabled us to retreat into our own corners,” he said. “What you read can reaffirm your position. Try to challenge your views. Read sources that may not align with what you believe—but are from reputable news sources. Challenge yourself to have respectful conversations to understand why others have the opinion they do.”

McAdams added he doesn’t vote for someone because of their party affiliation. Instead, he encourages voters to learn about each candidate as an individual. “Reward those people who are willing to be nuanced,” he said. “I make mistakes and cast votes I may regret later. No issue is black and white. Politics are complicated, and there’s a lot of nuance to them.”

Michelle Benedict shows how to properly pack a Food Pack.

Stop—Collaborate and Listen

Because McAdams is willing to see others’ perspectives, he’s been able to get some things done—or at least started—in Washington.

“Representative McAdams is a dynamic and caring member of Congress who is committed to helping Utahns in meaningful ways,” said Alex Kennedy, USANA’s associate general counsel and executive director of U.S. government relations.

McAdams is part of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, where they work to find common ground on key issues facing Americans. It’s the perfect place for someone with McAdams’ enthusiasm.

“We’re all Americans, and we care about the safety of our country,” he said. “As much as it’s depressing to see how broken Washington is, there are people there to fix it and bridge the divide. I’m working on a lot of issues, at the core of which is healing a broken Washington and restoring a sense of community. Neither party has a monopoly of love for this country. We need to get back to solving problems, not scoring points.”

Small Piece to a Big System

The variety of people McAdams meets on a daily basis is one of the best parts of his job.

“Every day is unique and different,” he said. “I met someone who was homeless and overcame addiction and is now employed, paying taxes, and paying rent. The other day, I got to spend time with Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons. There are people I meet who have inspiring stories, and others who are working to open doors for others.”

And McAdams is one of those people. Working in a changing political landscape, dedicated to strengthening the fabric of the country and fighting for Utah businesses and families. 


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