USANA True Health Foundation Partners with Canadian Feed the Children

The USANA True Health Foundation (THF) recently partnered with Canadian Feed the Children (CFTC) to provide support for community-led, sustainable programs designed to alleviate hunger in indigenous communities in Canada.

Although Canada is one of the most prosperous countries in the world—where nutritious food and clean water are plentiful—many Canadians still struggle with poverty, food insecurity, and related health issues. Indigenous families, especially, live in such severe conditions that the United Nations has called it a crisis and compared the conditions to that of a third-world country.

Together, the THF and CFTC will bring health and hope to indigenous children and families in seven communities throughout Canada.

Over the course of 2018, an initial grant provided by the THF will help provide healthy and nutritious meals for indigenous children who often attend school hungry. As part of the Feeding Children, Changing Lives in Indigenous Communities in Canada program, THF and CFTC will support community and school gardens where children can learn more about where their food comes from and how to grow it themselves. Additionally, the food from the garden will help supplement school meals, which include fruits and vegetables that help kids grow and stay healthy. This funding will also be used to ensure kids and their parents are taught about nutrition and how to eat healthy to fight diabetes, heart disease, and other preventable illnesses.

School Nutrition Program

Up to half of indigenous Canadian children living on reserves go to school hungry every day, potentially impacting social and physical development. Through the student nutrition program, salad bar, and clean water program, children who used to attend classes hungry or go without nutritional food now have access to healthy breakfasts, snacks, and lunches.

Nutrition Education

The essentials of the nutrition education programs—such as food preparation and cooking classes and community kitchens—are aligned with indigenous cultural and social practices that revolve around sharing food and the traditional relationship between the community and the land.

School Gardens

Knowing how to grow fresh fruit and vegetables and incorporating them into students’ regular diets can help reinforce healthy eating behaviors. School gardens increase knowledge about proper nutrition, build skills, encourage children to try new foods, and inspire a sense of belonging and pride. They also create opportunities for intergenerational learning, with elders passing on to children traditional practices and knowledge of food and agriculture.

“Expanding the reach and impact of the THF continues to be one of our key priorities, and we are excited to partner with Canadian Feed the Children. This program gives us, and our Canadian Associates, the opportunity to help the children who are impacted in the communities we are closest to.”

Brian Paul

President, USANA True Health Foundation

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