Sometimes Self-Improvement Starts with Helping Others

From the very first, our USANA family has looked after people in need.  Dr. Wentz’ vision is ‘a world free of pain and suffering’.  Not just people benefiting from USANA products, but the world.

Dr.-Wentz-with-children-1024x664Dr. Wentz and all of USANA keep making steps toward that vision, one product, one person at a time.  Dr. Wentz will tell you he created this vision after losing his father at age 17 to heart disease.

Many of us give, and many of us have different reasons for giving.  Courtesy of recent Harvard Business School research, here are a few motivations for helping others that may not have occurred to you.

Giving to others may improve your sense of well-being.  Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, finances or property in order to help others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life or work and inner satisfaction.

Mulherns-Haiti-THFGiving to others is a fundamental component of many religions and spiritual practices.  Knowing that you have taken action in line with your religious and spiritual beliefs may bring you comfort and a stronger sense of belonging.

Another key finding of the report, is that charitable giving is most successful when it’s done on a consistent and long term basis. By creating a long term partnership with a particular cause or charity, significant accomplishments can be made.  Cash donations to the True Health Foundation on your Auto Order have even more meaning.

Giving to others makes you happier.

When you give, the part of your brain that is connected to pleasure is more active.

Many countries also permit a tax credit or deduction for charitable giving.  If you live in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, New Zealand, or any country belonging to the EU, your cash donation is tax deductible.

Dave Phillips, President and Founder of Children’s Hunger Fund, told us at convention about Patrick in Haiti, Isra in Asia, Joy in Africa, and Jacob in the USA who have all benefited from food providing by your donations.  David Mulham visited the Philippine islands where International Relief Teams kept people alive, rebuilt fishing boats, and provided a lasting source of clean water because the USANA family provided the money.

100% of every dollar donated goes directly to help those in need.  In need of food.  In need of clean water.  In need of shelter.  Looking at images of people suffering can be overwhelming.  Know that when you give to the USANA True Health Foundation, whatever your reason, you are making a difference.  And if it brings joy to your life, then the world is doubly a happier place.

Written by Elaine Pace, Board Member


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USANA Health Sciences, Inc. covers 100 percent of the Foundation’s operating expenses so that every dollar donated can do the most good for those in need.

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The 500,000+ USANA sales associates worldwide are advocates for advancing health and unlocking potential in others. Their donations, plus the generosity of their friends and customers, are the lifeblood of our work. USANA Foundation Ambassadors are leaders in their own communities, identifying needs and actively serving others. Click here to find out more about becoming an Ambassador.

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The USANA Foundation works with dozens of local and international organizations — experts in delivering on-the-ground aid to those who need it. Together we can provide effective and sustainable long-term solutions.


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