Make a goal to make a change in 2022

Happy new year to you all! It’s amazing to look back on the success of last year; but, we cannot wait for the success of this new year!

With 2022 starting, we know many have made/are making goals. We have also heard from many of individuals that you are excited about the growth of our new Garden Tower program! With 2022 being the 30th anniversary of USANA, our executive team has set the ambitious goal of providing 30,000 Garden Towers by Global Convention this year. The towers have been planted in Kenya, Uganda, and Mexico. Throughout the year, they will also be planted in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and various other USANA markets. Making this happen requires a lot of planning and logistical support, but it also requires passionate individuals who believe in the program.

Kang Kyeong Min and Park Eun Kyeong are two such individuals. Kyeong Min and Eun Kyeong are the team leaders for two of the most active and energetic USANA teams in Korea, UB, and Daon. Both leaders have been with USANA for less than a decade, but their impact as business and philanthropic leaders is undeniable. At the end of 2021, they organized two large online giveaway bazaars with their teams to help collect funds for the Garden Tower program. Seeing the vision of how the towers are positively affecting communities across several continents, these two spent months organizing the online giveaway with their teams. The end result was over 70 individuals virtually attending, selling, and swapping various items all in the effort to collect funds for a large group donation. 

Kyeong Min and Eun Kyeong have both been involved with charitable efforts throughout Korea, doing everything from UNICEF drives to collecting funds for medical needs, and even providing food to impoverished families. Each leader was inspired to do even more after attending previous sessions of USANA conventions. Kyeong Min described attending her first convention, only to learn about the company’s charitable efforts upon arrival. “I was so excited to see the food pack and how many different people were involved. Seeing USANA’s focus on charitable work really inspired me to make it a focal point of my own life.” Eun Kyeong said that “Seeing USANA executives on stage talking so passionately about making the world a healthier place through service and charitable action helped me realize how much I wanted to do the same and be a leader of service for my own USANA team.”

With the wild success of their most recent online donation bazaar, both leaders have expressed their desire to make it an annual tradition. While the desire to give and serve more is a personal goal for each leader, it also has a large global impact. The efforts of Kyeong Min and Eun Kyeong, along with their team members, will help to build hundreds of new Garden Towers. It is incredibly inspiring to see what a huge impact can be made by only a few people. We are now over 1/3 of the way to our 30,000 tower goal. The USANA Foundation encourages that all markets set a goal and make a plan to change someone’s life in the coming new year. Let us know what that goal is in the comments below!


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