How You Can Confront Malnutrition During Hunger Action Month in September

In a world abundant with resources, the haunting echoes of hunger are still profoundly felt. Seven years ago, I transitioned from a decade of spearheading USANA Studios to leading the USANA Foundation. Suddenly, the whispers of hunger amplified to deafening roars in my ears, especially considering how I’ve come face-to-face with the most vulnerable among us.

Food insecurity, a term often dismissed or misunderstood, represents the grim daily reality for nearly 660 million people globally. It signifies the lack of consistent access to enough affordable, nutritious food. It’s a worldwide crisis that stunts futures and destroys incredible, hard-working people every day.

The USANA Foundation is Fighting Food Insecurity

So, what has the USANA Foundation done about it?

  • At the core of our fight against hunger lies the USANA Garden Towers. These Towers not only produce food, but provide the invaluable knowledge of sustainable farming to communities. This innovative program has significantly contributed to the over 70 million meals we have provided to families since 2012.
  • Our Usanimals program has provided USANA’s advanced nutrition, and as you personally understand its power, it has greatly enhanced the health of thousands of children facing severe malnutrition.
  • And most notably YOU! The selfless dedication of our USANA Associates and employees worldwide has resulted in countless hours of service and contributions exceeding $22 million.

Our mission’s wingspan has stretched to over 44 countries since 2012. The Garden Towers thrive in locations from Latin America to Asia, 14 countries in all. And we’re just getting started.

Our Mission to Nourish the World, Thriving in Mexico

One highlight that remains close to my heart is our bi-yearly trip to Mexico. These are more than just trips—they’re lifelines that offer real support in real-time. We’ve nurtured community leaders who are passionately committed to uniting their communities, fostering mutual support in the quest for sustainable and nutritious food.

I’ve personally witnessed the transformative impact, having served alongside many of you who have observed the profound change in these individuals.

Many of you are familiar with Freddy from our partners at Foundation for His Ministry. He has grown in his role, forging deep connections with families in his community and emerging as a revered leader. We’ve observed him elevate the lives of the elderly, disabled, and underprivileged, helping them realize their potential. Freddy has not just provided them with food but has also instilled newfound hope, self-worth, and a sense of self-reliance.

USANA Foundation Empowers Kids in Our Community

While our global impact speaks volumes, we’ve not overlooked the challenges on our doorstep. Launching USANA Kids Eat in 2019 ensured that even in our own backyard, the pangs of hunger are met with the warmth of a meal.

In our local Utah school system, 1 in 9 children are food insecure and frequently rely on school meals as their primary source of nourishment, returning home to barren cupboards. Through this program, we ensure thousands of kids have sufficient food over the weekend, so they arrive on Monday nourished and ready to learn.

As we commemorate Hunger Action Month, it’s fitting to recognize the tireless efforts of numerous employees and local associates. Thanks to your commitment to packing and delivering, these children have consistently received their bags every week at their schools.

How You Can Take Action Against Hunger Today

So, how can you be a beacon of hope, both in USANA’s headquartered community and with our global community? As September is Hunger Action Month, we encourage everyone who seeks to end malnutrition for good to partner with us and our hunger-fighting initiatives. Here are a few active ways you can get involved today:

  • Become a Monthly Donor: Every penny goes a long way in reshaping lives and empowering families and children alike.
  • Sponsor a Garden Tower Community: A sustainable future starts here. Support communities who are embracing self-reliance and becoming sustainably nourished.
  • Sign Up for Service Trips or Volunteer: Ever thought of rolling up your sleeves and being on the frontline? Join us on our trips! If you’re local to Utah, sign up to volunteer by packing a bag with USANA Kids Eat.

As the Hunger Action Month unfolds, it’s time we introspect. The fight against hunger isn’t someone else’s battle—it’s ours.

Today, as we reflect on our strides, we also envision a world where families’ plates aren’t empty and their hearts are full. We have sowed the seeds, but the harvest requires us all. Will you join us?


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