2022 Global Convention Was a Success!

Thank You for a Successful Global Convention

USANA’s 2022 Global Convention was an incredible success!

From August 17—19, the USANA Foundation celebrated the spirit of service with thousands of USANA volunteers and Associates who gathered in Salt Lake City. Together, we reached incredible milestones, improved lives, and shared an important message of hope and positivity as we worked together to tackle malnutrition worldwide.

Celebrating 30 Years with 30,000 Garden Towers

Last year, USANA CEO Kevin Guest set an ambitious goal—to fund 30,000 new Garden Towers to celebrate USANA’s 30th Anniversary. We knew it would be challenging, but we came together and made a world of difference.

And we reached that goal! In fact, we surpassed it by raising money for 30,524 new Garden Towers to be established in Mexico, Kenya, Indonesia, the Philippines, and more. Your contributions make a world of difference for families and communities in need.

Planting Seeds of Hope in Your Own Backyard

Personal Garden Towers were available for purchase for the first time at Convention, and 100% of each purchase provided Garden Towers to people in need. We sold nearly 1,000 personal Garden Tower bundles so people could take them home and enjoy fresh produce grown from their backyard, patio, or even indoors!

While this opportunity was exclusive only to 2022 Global Convention in-person attendees, soon you’ll be able to purchase these personal Garden Towers online. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out!

We Built Them So They’ll Grow

At our Convention booth, hundreds of Associates volunteered to help us cut, measure, and sew 400 new Garden Towers. Volunteers signed each tower they helped assemble, so the families who receive it know it was prepared by loving hands.

Associates from across the globe generously gave their time—some stayed for hours to help sew dozens of Garden Towers. And it was a fun time, too! Volunteers laughed, learned, and streamed their experience live to share our message of hope. Kevin Guest, USANA President Jim Brown, and teams of USANA athletes also stopped by to thread the needle for a good cause. Our deepest thanks to all who volunteered!

Packing Food For a Better World

Associates also had the opportunity to sign up for food pack events at our headquarters in USANA North. And before Convention even started, all our time slots had been filled.

In total, we packed 1,742 bags of food, equaling 12,194 meals to be distributed to children and teenagers in the Salt Lake Valley by USANA Kids Eat. These meals will make a great impact on these children and their families, which helps us fulfill our ongoing commitment to helping USANA’s local community.

A Success of Service

2022 Global Convention was a success because of your indispensable service. Thank you for your help and support! We couldn’t have done it without you.

And there is still more we can do to spread hope around the world! Your gift of $20 helps us cover the cost of building a Garden Tower for a family in need, including the tower mesh, soil, and seeds.

There are more ways to get involved! Grab your passport and work boots and apply to join us abroad for service trips or bring the benefits of fresh food to your community with the Garden Tower Community Adoption program.


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