World Service Week: Empowering Global Communities Through Collective Action

It’s that time of year again, USANA Family—World Service Week!

World Service Week, happening this year from June 9th – 16th, is an inclusive annual event that invites individuals from all corners of the world to join together and create a positive impact in their communities. While it originated as a USANA initiative, its purpose has expanded to include anyone who shares the common goal of making a difference, regardless of their affiliation.

For those who haven’t heard of World Service Week, here’s more context for what it is, its evolution into a global movement, and the meaningful initiatives that have made it a resounding success.

How did World Service Week start?

In 2017, a dedicated group of individuals within the USANA family recognized the importance of community engagement and service. From this shared vision, World Service Week was born—a designated period focused on inspiring volunteerism and fostering positive change.

Initially, it centered around the USANA community in the United States. However, its impact and significance quickly transcended boundaries and locations, prompting the organizers to extend the invitation to individuals worldwide.

Uniting Global Communities for a Common Cause

With each passing year, World Service Week has become a global beacon, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds under a common purpose. People from all walks of life eagerly anticipate this special week of service, knowing that it is an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities.

The inclusive nature of World Service Week allows individuals from anywhere around the world to participate, regardless of their affiliation with USANA or any other organization.

And no matter if this is your first or fifth World Service Week, be sure to tag @USANAFoundation_ and use #WorldServiceWeek24 in all your posts if you share during the week!

A Tapestry of Service Initiatives

World Service Week celebrates the understanding that every community faces unique challenges and requires tailored approaches to create positive change. It offers a diverse range of service initiatives, empowering participants to choose causes that resonate with them and their local communities.

Some of the impactful initiatives include:

Fundraisers | World Service Week serves as a platform to raise funds for charitable organizations globally. Through creative campaigns and events, participants generate resources to support causes close to their hearts, bringing tangible change to communities in need.

Community Engagement Events | Events like 5K walks/runs provide an opportunity for individuals to come together, raise awareness, and support various causes. Participants from around the world can organize and participate in these events, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Sustainable Initiatives | World Service Week acknowledges the importance of sustainability and encourages projects that promote self-sufficiency and environmental consciousness. Community gardens, sustainable farming initiatives, and other similar endeavors empower communities globally to address food security and create sustainable solutions.

Volunteerism and Outreach | World Service Week celebrates the power of hands-on involvement and encourages individuals to volunteer their time, skills, and compassion. Whether it’s supporting local shelters, food banks, or educational programs, participants can make a direct impact on the lives of individuals in need, regardless of their geographic location.

A USANA team cleans up a beach in the Philippines

Our Global Impact

World Service Week’s impact extends far beyond the communities it directly touches. By embracing individuals from around the world, it serves as a catalyst for collective action and inspires others to initiate positive change within their own communities.

Through the sharing of stories and experiences, the ripple effect of World Service Week spreads, fostering a global wave of goodwill and service.

Our Shared Humanity

World Service Week represents a celebration of our shared humanity, reminding us of our capacity to create meaningful change regardless of our geographical location.

Anyone from around the world can join this inclusive initiative, contributing their unique skills, passions, and compassion to make a positive impact. Let us embrace the opportunity to unite across borders and affiliations, coming together under the banner of World Service Week to build a brighter future for all.

A USANA team cleans up a river in Frankfurt, Germany


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