These are Champions for Change

Each year, the USANA True Health Foundation recognizes a special group of associates who are consistent examples of giving and serving.  We would like to sincerely thank each of our Champions for Change award winners for being true ambassadors for the foundation.


Danny Fontaine 

Over the years of 2015 and 2016, Danny worked tirelessly on a project for the benefit of the True Health Foundation on top of a full-time job, and his USANA business. His efforts have been beneficial, not only to the Foundation, but they have also inspired those around him. His commitment rallied others to the cause, and he played a key role in assembling a full team for the project. It’s the combination of each member’s individual efforts that made the real difference, and Danny was the catalyst.


Faye & Raymond Despins

Since 2003, the Despins have been dedicated to giving back through the USANA True Health Foundation and the Children’s Hunger Fund. They have championed fundraisers and been front-line participants at silent auctions that benefited both organizations, showcasing their unwavering commitment to giving back.


Stephanie Loanzon

Stephanie Loanzon is a true champion for change.  From the moment she learned about the True Health Foundation and our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund, she put her feet into motion.  She started running for a cause and raising money to support feeding hungry children.  More than once, she has participated in official marathons where each kilometer was measured by the dollars she could raise to help her favorite cause.  She strives daily to be an example to others of what giving back means.


Andre & Nannette Gordon

Andre and Nannette have shown their commitment to the mission of the USANA True Health Foundation over the years in multiple ways. From their dedication to their team members, to their commitment to bettering their community- both locally and internationally- Andre and Nannette have lived lives of service and compassion. They are such an inspiration to those around them, and continue to provide guidance as needed.


Zhang Baowen, Sheng Weiping & Zhang Yuting

Mr. Zhang Baowen is a true example of walking the talk. Not only has he made numerous generous donations to the USANA True Health Foundation and other non-profit partners, but he has also championed the mission of the Foundation by being on the front-lines during disaster relief efforts without minding his own safety. He has inspired so many over the years, that when the most recent initiative by USANA China Associates was announced, he and his team contributed a total of over $30,000 to the cause without a second though. Baowen’s whole life is governed by his deep belief in creating the healthiest family on earth.


Mu Jingmei & Zhang Xinchen

“If money can help those who really need it, then it has been put to the best use. We can live without this money, but for them, it is life-saving money. If no one helps, what will happen to them?” These deep words are common ones out of the mouth of Ten Star Diamond Director, Zhang Xinchen. Although you will never find Xinchen buying himself anything extravagant, his generosity towards those in need knows no bounds. He has been at the forefront of countless charitable efforts over the years, and has inspired those around him to get involved and give back as well.


Yang Ming & Zhang Xiao

The phrase “the healthiest family on earth,” as retrieved from Dr. Wentz’s vision, has been taken literally by both Yang Ming and Zhang Xiao. Not only have they gone out of their way numerous times for their own team members in cases of dire need, but they have also extended their reach in giving back to multiple members of their local community through organizing fundraisers and donating to individuals and schools who need it.


Ricardo Vargas & Lorena Abril

In addition to generous financial contributions, Ricardo and Lorena have shown their commitment to the mission of the USANA True Health Foundation by sharing their time and energy with people in need around them, both personally and professionally. They never hesitate to give a helping hand, and are caring and giving.


DoHyun Ko & Soonjung Ahn

New Executive Ruby Directors DoHyun and SoonJung hold the strong belief that good leadership includes giving back. They have such a deep understanding of Dr. Wentz’s vision and the importance of giving that they have been able to inspire their team members to give back as well, in whatever ways are most accessible to each individual.


Simardeep & Prabhdeep  Gill

Not ones to draw any attention to their charitable work, sisters Simardeep and Prabhdeep quietly made two extremely generous donations to the USANA True Health Foundation this year. Their focus was on making a difference in the lives of people who needed it, and as much as they didn’t want any recognition for their work, the Foundation is extremely grateful for their generosity.


Bob & Mary, Amy & Xian Lin

This Associateship has the highest personal contribution to the USANA True Health Foundation in their local market. Even more significant is the fact that they have the highest level of support (measured by AO donations) of any team across Australia.  They are tireless supporters of the Foundation, helping raise money at the Asia Pacific Convention in Singapore, and actively supporting THF day in Australia.


Dante Ward

Initially inspired by his mentor Clark De Guzman, Gold Director Dante Ward has been a champion for the USANA True Health Foundation since 2014. Dante has made consistent monthly donations to the Foundation, adding up to PhP256, 880 to date. Dante is passionate about giving back to his community, and he has identified the USANA True Health Foundation as an effective way to do so.


Benjo & Lieshel Yambao

As chairman of the IDC, Benjo has spearheaded numerous efforts to benefit the USANA True Health Foundation in the Philippines. In the past year alone, the number of donors from the Philippines has tripled, and that is due to all the hard work that has been put in by the IDC and the USANA PH staff.


Lucas Lim & Jane Leow

Lucas and Jane have made the True Health Foundation’s mission their personal mission. At each gathering they have with their team, Happiness Team, they have their team members contribute to the Foundation. Over the last two years, their team has been able to contribute up to RM20, 000. In addition to their financial contributions, Lucas and Jane have been on the ground participating in service projects, from flood relief projects in Lake Temenggor to feeding the hungry on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.


Seng Wai Yee & James Quek

Wai Yee has always been an advocate of true health and wealth. Her husband, James, is the former Executive Director at World Vision Singapore and both of them believe in helping people in need. Aside from being ardent champions of the True Health Foundation activities, they have also setup a maid agency with a social objective – to help women from less fortunate countries have safe and fair working opportunities in Singapore.


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