Finding Time to Help at #USANA15

11873483_1164313870262744_3030037132950156331_nConvention is always packed.

There’s barely a moment to catch your breath between the general sessions, workshops, chances to network, parties, book signings, photo opportunities with influencers, team meetings and so much more.

But when something’s important, you make time.

That’s about the only way we can explain the 3,140 Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) Food Paks made during this year’s Convention. Over 2,300 people graciously made the time to help and that means 150,000 meals will go to those who need them the most!

In addition to all the time and effort, you helped us raise over $160,000 for the USANA True Health Foundation during #USANA15. It’s an overwhelming display of generosity and kindness that’s just perfectly USANA.

USANA CEO Dave Wentz, Austin “No Doubt” Trout, Dr. Myron Wentz, Juan Diaz and Timothy Bradley all helped pack food for the Children’s Hunger Fund at #USANA15.

11903815_1164313893596075_740180176677409157_nFamous Faces, Helping Hands

Food Pak USANA15

NFL Sports Broadcaster, Jenn Brown, emceed the athlete segment at #USANA15 and helped us create Food Paks for the CHF.

What was the best place to see a famous face during the 2015 USANA International Convention?

The Food Pak line, of course.

Whenever you walked by, you were bound to see members of the management team, USANA Founder Dr. Myron Wentz or a variety of influencers lending a helping hand. Whether it was world champion boxers Tim Bradley and Austin Trout or sportscaster Jenn Brown, everyone was rolling up their sleeves to make a difference.

How You Can Help

Convention may be over, but there’s an easy way for you to make a difference all year—donate to the USANA True Health Foundation.

Every penny of your money will go to providing the necessities needed to help alleviate suffering around the world. Go to to donate today.

If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA True Health Foundation YouTube channel.


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USANA Health Sciences, Inc. covers 100 percent of the Foundation’s operating expenses so that every dollar donated can do the most good for those in need.

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The 500,000+ USANA sales associates worldwide are advocates for advancing health and unlocking potential in others. Their donations, plus the generosity of their friends and customers, are the lifeblood of our work. USANA Foundation Ambassadors are leaders in their own communities, identifying needs and actively serving others. Click here to find out more about becoming an Ambassador.

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