The Fog Has Lifted: A pair of eye glasses change Pedro’s life

Since fourth grade, Pedro has been living in a foggy, indistinguishable world because of poor eyesight. His eyesight was so bad that his mother had to read his homework to him. He knew that glasses could rectify his problem, but sadly his family was too poor to afford them. Today, now at 16 years old, he wakes up early with hope because he heard that one of our partners would be checking vision and providing free eyeglasses in a nearby small, remote town in Central Guatemala, San Agustin.

When the team gave Pedro his first pair of glasses, he could see clearly for the first time in about eight years!

With a grin Pedro says, “All my friends will tease me and call me Harry Potter.”

The residents of San Agustin and its neighboring towns suffer needlessly from poor eyesight and have no access to eye care. Because they are poor, the cost to travel to the capital city, paying to see a specialist and buying glasses is out of reach for most. As a result, many people are forced to drop out of school or lose their jobs because they cannot function independently. In essence, their eyesight becomes a major burden on the family.

Over five days, our partner’s team of volunteers helped many people like Pedro. The team screened over 600 people and distributed 720 pairs of reading and distance vision glasses, as well as 332 sunglasses.


Because of your support, Pedro is thrilled he will be able to do his homework on his own, cook and read his beloved horror books and pursue his dream of one day opening his own restaurant.


On May 22nd, a few USANA Mexico associates will be joining our partner’s for another eye glasses service trip in Ensenada. The goal for this trip is to serve even more people than were served in San Agustin, Guatemala. In addition to the hands being lent “on the ground”, the Foundation will need funding to help provide as many prescription eye glasses as are needed in the area.

Kindly join us in our fundraising efforts by adding a donation to the USANA True Health Foundation via your Auto Order. We are asking for as little as a dollar per person, and as much as your budget and personal circumstances will allow. Help us give the gift of clear vision #GlassesforEnsenada#THF

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