UTHF 365 Program: How You Can Make a Difference

Typhoon Haiyan damaged area
Typhoon Haiyan damaged area

I want you to imagine for a moment that you’re living in a village in the Philippines. Typhoon season has come through, and your whole village is wiped out. It happens at least every other year.

Your home is completely destroyed. All of your food reserves are now gone. You have three young children—seven, five, and three years old—who are now hungry and cold.

Now what?

Where will you find a place to stay to keep your family warm? Where will you get food? Where is safe now?

Whatever your thoughts may be in this hypothetical tragedy, they’re certainly not related to how you’ll care for your family in one month’s time. Right now, you don’t know if you’ll make it to the end of the day.

Relating on a Human Level

kids eatingFood, clothing, and shelter are basic needs key to the survival of all humans. Without these, we are unable to shift our focus toward any other aspects of life. And while being caught in the midst of typhoon season in the Philippines may not come close to many our individual realities, we all share the reality of caring for our families and loved ones. We can all relate, on a human level, to wanting the best for our families and friends, and that is why the work we do at the USANA True Health Foundation (UTHF) is so important.

The first phase of our work is involved with fulfilling survival needs. The goal is to keep people who are impacted by crisis or natural disaster alive. We provide them with food and critical nutritional needed to survive on a daily basis.

USANA Auto Order donations (reoccurring monthly donations) are critical for this stage. Without them, UTHF would not have the funds necessary to act immediately when a disaster strikes.

Beyond the First Phase of Help

In the second phase of aid following a crisis, UTHF provides people with a sustainable way through which they can earn a living and take care of themselves following a crisis. The initial investment in this phase is slightly higher than the first, but the returns to its recipients are well worth it in the long run. Rather than providing a meal every day to those recovering from disaster, we intend to provide them—over an extended period of time—with the tools necessary to create those meals for themselves. Eventually, there is even a possibility of creating a surplus that can then be used to generate more income through trade, helping to create economic stability.

Last year, for example, UTHF took part in a project in Iloilo Province, Philippines, rebuilding fishing boats destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan—one of the most powerful tropical storms on record. More than 6,000 people in the Philippines were killed, and thousands of homes were destroyed at that time.

With the strategic goal of restoring the livelihoods of 310 fishing households (1,500 people) on 17 islands, UTHF distributed new boats, and we were able to reach 1,370 more beneficiaries than initially anticipated.

In order to ensure assistance went to the most vulnerable families whose livelihoods depended upon fishing, our local partners collaborated with the Local Government Unit. And with support from UTHF, our partners also established a boat production yard and storage facility complete with 30 carpenters engaged in full-time boat building.

The boat beneficiaries also received a fishing gear kit that included hooks and line sets, gill nets, and fish and crab traps. The focus of this project was on the future needs of these communities. Their lives and dignity were restored. Because of this project, these communities were able to broaden their view of the possibilities in front of them.

One Dollar Per Day

The USANA True Health Foundation depends entirely on the generosity and consistency of our donors. Recurring donations provide a reliable source of support for our programs and allow us to plan and confidently be involved in multiple programs.

Picture2Remember that if we bring even just a glimmer of hope to someone’s life through the Foundation’s efforts, our mission will be accomplished.

Join us in this mission today, and commit to the UTHF365 program: $1 each day for 365 days ($30 per month). It’s the easiest way to help us save and improve lives across the world.


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