USANA True Health Foundation Gives Timely Support to Nepal Earthquake Relief

©REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar
©REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Last week a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, as well as parts of China and India. Thanks to your generous donations to the USANA True Health Foundation, we were able to lend a hand—donating $50,000 US to help with immediate aid, such as food and medical kits.

“As soon as we heard the shocking news, our board jumped into action, and immediately put funding in place to help the people of Nepal,” said Jim Bramble, board president of the USANA True Health Foundation. “Gratefully, our foundation was already well-equipped to handle the urgency of this situation, thanks to the generous contributions of the employees and distributors of USANA.”

Please help us continue to make a difference—visit the shopping cart and donate to the Area of Greatest Need fund today. Thank you to a group of USANA Canadian Associates for donating $14,500 CA to the efforts.

 Of course, we are able to respond to crises quickly and efficiently because of your continued support, but that’s not all we do. Here are some of the other projects we’ve been focused on recently.

Providing Clean Water

In the wake of Hurricane Haiyan, the people of Tambalisa, Philippines were left without clean drinking water for over nine months. Which meant a 45-minute hike for a single sip of spring water.

waterGirlNow, dirty water and mountain hikes are a thing of the past for the people on the islands of Tambalisa, Sombrero, and Baliguian. Thanks to your donations, the USANA True Health Foundation was able to collaborate with International Relief Team (IRT) to provide these islands with clean, drinkable water.

Read more about this story here (login required).

Hurricane Odile

In Cabo San Lucas last fall, Hurricane Odile did not swiftly pass through. It left the people without clean water or food for weeks. We were able to provide both for the next three weeks while basic services were restored to the city.

Children’s Hunger Fund

cunninghamsThe USANA True Health Foundation continues to work alongside the Children’s Hunger Fund and this winter, USANA Associate donors were able to visit Thailand and see the impact that their donations have firsthand when they visited an orphanage and gave food to those children in need.

Yunnan Earthquake

Yunnan EarthquakeLate last summer, a massive earthquake wreaked havoc on the Yunnan province in China. Because of our Area of Greatest Need Fund, we were able to quickly donate 1.5 million RMB in food, water, nutritionals, tents and medical supplies.

Thank you for your support!

In 2014, you helped us raise $839,439 and because of that, we continue to be able to help those in need around the world.

We are already off to a great start in 2015 with 40,000 Singapore Dollars being raised at the Asia and Pacific Convention last month in addition to those of you who donate monthly on your Auto Order.


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