Stories of Hope in Asia

Hua HiaJourney with us to a remote village of Thailand named Hua Hia. This Hill Tribe region, north of Chiang Mai is home to about 80 families. Ajar Mos, a pastor in the area, has been visiting one of these families every month for some time now, delivering food. This family struggles to put food on the table as it is difficult to find paying work. Receiving food allows them to worry less about where their next meal will come from while the father of the house strives to look for work. They are beginning to have hope in the midst of poverty and are very thankful every time Ajar Mos comes to visit.  The food provided by CHF and the USANA True Health Foundation has had a great impact on their lives.

“ Thank you CHF and USANA, for considering those in poverty and providing help. Your assistance brings joy and encouragement.”

—CHF’s partner in Thailand


With the help of USANA True Health Foundation, CHF equips churches on the island of Cebu near the heart of the island nation of the Philippines. With nearly 40% of the population living below the poverty line, there is great need. Food provided by CHF and the USANA True Health Foundation is distributed to 166 families in this impoverished area each month.

One of these families is an elderly man and his granddaughter. These two live well below the poverty line in Metro Cebu. With the parents out of the picture, the grandfather tries to work to support both of them. Unfortunately, at his age, work is hard to come by, and so is food.

CHF’s ministry partners have been able to provide food for this family alleviating much stress from the grandfather and giving him energy to look for more work. This food also provides nourishment for the young child. She and her grandfather are so thankful for the food and overwhelmed by the kindness of the pastor who delivers the Food Paks.

“It is incredible to see the hope in a person’s eyes when they receive food like this. We are so grateful for the help of CHF and USANA and their willingness to bless those who are struggling in Cebu.”

—Pastor Kent in the Philippines

73,726 meals were distributed in Asia during the fourth quarter of 2015.

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