USANA Chairman’s Club Spotlight: Our Life-Changing Experience in Kenya

Fabien Ghys and Helen Song are members of USANA’s prestigious Chairman’s Club, an elite group of those who have chosen to become pillars of change for USANA and its vision to create the healthiest family on earth. This network of successful and passionate individuals are unified in their mission to end hunger in communities around the world while supporting each member to reach their entrepreneurial and philanthropic goals.

Every year, the Chairman’s Club members are invited to serve with the USANA Foundation in Kenya. This is a unique, exclusive opportunity to visit underserved communities that are thriving thanks to the work we’ve been able to support as an organization in providing food security.

Here are Fabien and Helen’s reflections on their life-changing time in Kenya.


Transformation Through Service: Serving the Resilient People of the Masai Mara

Our journey was made of extraordinary, profound, emotionally charged experiences. It stands as the most significant trip we’ve ever undertaken.

Far beyond our own contributions, it was witnessing the Foundation’s remarkable achievements that truly resonated with us. The Garden Towers, along with numerous other initiatives, have brought about transformative benefits to the communities—outcomes we could scarcely have envisioned.

The magnitude of this positive change has been nothing short of incredible.

Impacts Made by Garden Tower Communities

The most profound insight we’ve gained from the USANA Foundation’s Global Meals program and Garden Towers is their immense impact, transforming countless lives.

Take the children, for instance, who previously couldn’t afford educational or healthcare expenses. Thanks to the success of the Garden Tower project, some families are now generating additional income by selling surplus produce.

This is not only inspiring but also a testament to the potential global influence of such initiatives. If we collectively support and promote these efforts, we’re convinced that USANA’s initiative will be recognized as one of the world’s leading models due to its sustainability, affordability, scalability, and community-friendly implementation.

One narrative that deeply resonated with us was the challenge faced by certain Kenyan communities in accessing fresh vegetables. For instance, in some areas, residents can purchase vegetables only once a week. Missing the market day means an entire week’s wait until the next chance arises.

Moreover, communities nestled in mountainous regions find it particularly difficult to grow their vegetables, significantly affecting the nutritional quality of their diets.

The introduction of Garden Towers has been a game-changer, swiftly addressing the issue of vegetable scarcity. Within weeks of installation, these towers begin yielding produce, offering a sustainable solution to nutritional deficiencies.

Witnessing the profound impact on the lives of these communities has been nothing short of inspirational.

Meaningful Change through USANA’s Chairman’s Club

The Chairman’s Club offers a unique vantage point to observe the remarkable contributions that USANA is making within communities.

It serves as a platform to amplify these stories and inspire others to take meaningful action towards global change. This presents an incredible opportunity for anyone who aspires to make a difference.

We are honored to be members of the Chairman’s Club. This inaugural experience has been truly enlightening.

Despite our deep involvement with the USANA Foundation, participating in our first Chairman’s Club event has been an extraordinary journey. We hope that everyone connected with USANA will have the opportunity to partake in this life-altering experience, which carries profound significance.

We firmly believe that the USANA distinguishes itself through its significant efforts to make a difference in communities globally, particularly those in need of assistance.

We would also like to acknowledge the extraordinary dedication of the leadership team at USANA Health Sciences. Special recognition goes to Brian Paul, President of the USANA Foundation; Kevin Guest, Executive Chairman; and Jim Brown, CEO. Their collective vision and commitment are steering the company towards a commendable path of charitable endeavors and impactful contributions.

Thriving Philanthropy and Our Thriving USANA Business

Our commitment to philanthropy through the foundation has profoundly influenced our business.

For years, we’ve dedicated time, effort, and resources to organize charity trips, touching lives from Indonesia to Cambodia. Our initiatives extend to orchestrating donations in Singapore, among other impactful activities. These endeavors enable us to showcase to the world that our enterprise transcends mere income generation—it embodies a lifestyle that seeks to make a meaningful difference.

The inspiration it ignites in others is palpable, and for this chance to effect positive change, we are immensely thankful. The experience has been nothing short of incredible.

Our Profound Thanks

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the inaugural Chairman’s Chip event in Kenya. 

Firstly, we extend our thanks to the USANA corporate team whose exceptional support made us feel incredibly welcomed and comfortable. 

Secondly, we acknowledge the participation of the 100humanitarians; your presence was invaluable.

Your efforts are truly inspiring, and we thank you for all that you are doing. 

Lastly, our deepest appreciation goes to the Kenyan communities, especially those in the vicinity of our activities, who have opened their hearts and homes to us.

Your extraordinary generosity has been overwhelming. While we arrived with the intention to give, we have received far more love and kindness than we could have ever anticipated.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience this remarkable exchange again.


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