World Food Day Spotlight

World Food Day | USANA Bomet Garden Project

In 1954, the recently formed United Nations designated October 16 as World Food Day. Today, this holiday is celebrated around the world by individuals and organizations who seek to improve food security for people in need.

For this year’s World Food Day, the USANA Foundation is excited to highlight one of our most optimistic and supportive partner programs—100 Humanitarians International.

100 Humanitarians works to create “sustainable projects that support communities and preserve the culture of indigenous tribes” throughout Kenya. As part of our partnership, we funded the USANA Bomet Garden Project. The goal is to provide garden tower systems to families in the village of Bomet to establish a long-term way to sustainably grow fresh vegetables.

Sewing the garden towers.

Since this project began, 60 garden systems have been established. Once these gardens are ready to harvest, they will feed most families 5-8 meals per week. We anticipated that families would not be able to sell extra vegetables during the current epidemic and with markets being closed. But from the updates we’ve received, nearly half of the families with a garden system were actually able to sell extra crops for some financial support.

Some of the greatest struggles the families in Bomet face all revolve around food security and nutrition. But with the help of 100 Humanitarians, we are doing all we can to make a difference in this valuable region and provide food to those in need. Help us help the world. Please donate to the USANA Foundation today or become a volunteer.

Garden Project Spotlight: Vincent Yegon

Vincent tending the gardens.

Our garden-building team is led by Vincent Yegon. 100 Humanitarians sponsored him throughout school until he graduated. Now, he wants to give back to his community by helping others.

Vincent has used the money he earns from building garden towers to build himself a house. His team consists of young men between the ages of 16 to 21; all of whom are learning leadership skills from Vincent as they build the garden systems. The young men are also investing in their own sustainability projects.

Recently, Vincent traveled to Nairobi, where he learned how to actually sew the garden towers, making it possible to hire sewers to create more income and job opportunities in the community.

Garden Project Spotlight: Everlyn

Everlyn and her goat.

Everlyn is a widow who lost her husband to illness. Each day, she buys milk from her neighbors and takes it to Bomet to sell it so she can feed her three children. She is a motivated woman and a hard worker

The USANA Bomet Garden Project built a garden system for her on June 16. Thanks to donations, 100 Humanitarians was able to give her a goat, five chickens, and a rooster. We will be tracking her progress with the new garden system and animals over the coming year .


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