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There’s a map in my office. It’s a simple map with small thumbtacks scattered across it. There’s one in Cambodia and another in Ukraine. The Philippines has one, and so does Mexico. In total, there are 37 thumbtacks—one for each country the USANA Foundation serves.


When I’m at my desk, I like to take a moment and look at these thumbtacks. It’s a perfect way to reflect on where the USANA Foundation serves and where there’s still work to be done.

After officially rebranding the USANA Foundation and opening our new operations facility, we’re ready more than ever to help feed the world. USANA Kids Eat is off and running, already distributing 6,260 bags of food, providing 43,820 meals. There’s nothing better than to hear the laughter of people packing bags for Kids Eat, knowing we’re making sure no child goes hungry.

We’ve refined the Foundation’s mission to focus on four areas of impact: meals, sustainable programs, USANA nutrition, and service. There are programs out there that need food relief, and we want to help. The Australian Food Bank needed our assistance. After surviving horrific brushfires, thousands of people were left displaced. The Foundation stepped up to provide 100,000 meals to alleviate some of the stress to feed those in need during this trying time.

Australia Mobile Food Bank

I want to congratulate our USANA Associates and friends in Singapore. They recently hosted an awesome fundraising banquet for the Foundation. We were so moved by their generosity that we matched US $10,000 to help their charitable missions in the region.

Events like this inspire me. It means you, and others like you, are committed to making the world better. Please let us know how we can help.

Visiting Mexico and meeting those who are impacted by the work we’re doing.

There’s a big mountain for us to climb, but fortunately, I’m surrounded by an incredible team. I’d like to specifically thank Ayugi Ntambwe-Kalala, our Senior Programs Manager. Every day, Ayugi works to keep our partners accountable and make sure every dollar of every donation is put to the best use. Trust is key for us to build crucial relationships, and Ayugi ensures we’re allocating our money in the right places.

With so much happening in the world today, it’s important to help our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. Every dollar you donate to the Foundation is used wisely—Ayugi will see to it—and I encourage you to make a monthly donation. A dollar provides four meals. And donations also make a substantial difference in other ways. From providing bridge meals to at-risk students to building garden towers in Africa, the Foundation is committed to food relief around the world. In the last three months, our trusted partner, Children’s Hunger Fund, distributed upward of 700,000 meals. Please join us as we change the world.

I’ll be heading to Canada in the next while to check in with the Canadian Feed the Children program. Follow me on Instagram @BrianPaul_USANA for updates!

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