USANA Worldwide Service Week

Are you ready to make an impact in the lives of almost a million people? Join the #USANAFamily in making this dent in changing the world!

USANA Malaysia associates after serving the disabled during the “Love life, Touch life” campaign

This year, USANA hit a MAJOR milestone. #SpoilerAlert, if you haven’t heard yet, there are now 500,000 families that are a part of the worldwide #USANAFamily!!

USANA associates in Los Angeles, United States after finishing a food pak

I mean, think about it- half a million families in the world are now connected through USANA, and share the vision of being a part of the healthiest family on earth. Isn’t that like out-of-this-world AMAZING?!

Think about the possibilities

Now think about this- each of the 500,000 families taking an hour or two(or less, or even more) out of a week to serve someone in their community- not for any reason besides the fact that:

  1. We can
  2. #USANAGives
  3. Imagine what 500,000 families can accomplish together!!
USANA associates after painting a school in Aruba during the “Success on the Beach” trip

I know, I know- you’re ready for the details already. We are so thrilled to share with you our first ever annual USANA Worldwide Service Week!!

When: May 20th-27th

Where: Wherever you are in the world

What: Go out and be of service to someone in your community

Yes, yes, yes- we are literally asking that you take any amount of time you have- whether that be five minutes or a few hours- to put a smile on someone else’s face by being of service to them.

Dr. Bernstein of USANA Canada raking weeds in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

From helping the neighbor struggling to carry her groceries bring them in, to feeding the homeless, and even to volunteering at the local animal shelter!

Whatever you can do for someone else- we are so into it, and you have a whole week to check it off and share it with us via the hashtag #USANAGives on Social Media!

USANA Singapore associates getting ready to deliver food to the elderly


  1. Do I have to serve every day for the whole week for it to count? Nope! Not at all. Just as much time as you can spare. An hour, five, a day- totally up to you! Also, Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday- whichever day works for you, works for us!
  2. Do I have to do my service with another member of the #USANAFamily? Absolutely not. If you wanna make this a team building activity, by all means, do. But if you wanna do this with friends and/ or family- we’ll love it just as much!
  3. How do I share my pictures? #USANAGives on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. What kind of service can I do? Anything from cleaning the local community center, to working at the animal shelter, feeding the homeless or even helping out a neighbor! It’s totally up to you HOW you would like to serve, we are just asking that you SERVE.

Ready to get out and serve with us? Send any questions you may have to

USANA Philippines associates delivering Christmas gifts to a local children’s hospital

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.


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