Basics that Keep Baja Thriving

Can you imagine a life where you rely on wells for water storage and all you see when looking in the well, is the dryness of the concrete and elements used to build it? Can you imagine this happening for not one, or two, but eight years?

What basic necessities are provided?

To flow or not to flow

Back in June 2017, we shared this post “When the Well Runs Dry – THF to the Rescue.” We are happy to share that after eight years, the river in Vicente Guerrero is finally flowing again!  

Despite the current situation, this area remains notorious for dry spells. Due to the location of the Mission, it’s difficult to find clean water necessary for everyday living.

What is the Foundation specifically providing?

The Foundation fills the gap by providing a water tank and ensuring that it is consistently filled with clean water. Through this program, we are serving 90+ children who typically would not have access to clean water. Often times we forget that clean water is more often inconvenient than convenient for many around the world.   

Children brushing their teeth with clean water provided by the USANA True Health Foundation

It’s more than just providing “food”

The droughts in Vicente Guerrero often terminate the possibility of any growth for livestock or crops. Not only are we providing clean water we are also supplying fresh produce and a consistent supply of Usanimals (for three years now!) to the children at the Mission.

How am I making an impact for greatness?

Through funding provided by THF, FFHM has allowed more children into the Mission. In one of our later posts, 80 children were being taken care of in the Mission. As of February 2019, FFHM feeds over 90+ children being close to the Mission’s max capacity- absolutely incredible!

Just the other day, each child had over half their plate filled with fruits and vegetables that the Foundation provided through the generous donations that YOU, our donors, provide. Every meal consists of oranges, pears, broccoli, jicama, cucumbers, carrots, apples, and bananas. Thanks to you, these children go to bed full each night.

Children eat lunch with His Ministry Mission in Vicente Guerrero

A smile says it all

We can’t help noticing the innocent and authentic smile on this little boy’s face (pictured below) as he gently holds the tiny, simple orange slice in his hands.

Food for thought

Take a moment to ponder the basics you have readily available. Have you possibly bypassed giving gratitude for the basic things you have because they are simply there each day? Comment below by letting us know what basic necessities you are thankful for.

We know these children are not only thankful for the food and clean water provided but for all you do to support them in Baja, Mexico.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world. We thank you for each and every contribution made


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