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La familia González-Valdivia recibiendo las llaves de su casa nueva. Si les dijera que 25 voluntarios se dirigían a Tijuana, México para construir una casa en menos de 8 horas con muy poca o sin experiencia alguna en el ámbito de la construcción, ¿qué dirían?   O que estoy loco o que es un grupo muy especial de personas, ¿verdad? Bueno, sí había un par de trabajadores experimentados para supervisar el proyecto, pero estos Distribuidores USANA y  los voluntarios participantes con nuestros socios en los Equipos Internacionales de Alivio (IRT, por sus siglas en inglés) realizaron la  ...

  Areas, Latin America, Stories

A Day to Remember

If I was to tell you that 25 volunteers were on their way to Tijuana, Mexico to build a house in less than eight hours with little or no construction experience what would you say? I’m either crazy or they are a very special group of people, right? Okay, so they did have a couple experienced workers overseeing the project but these USANA Associates and volunteers from our partners at International Relief Teams pulled off the task with flying colors. A bright shiny blue to be specific which was a bold contrast against the stark reality of the surrounding environment. It’s great  ...

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Hope in Mexico

Paz and Rene were struggling in their marriage. Their strife was mostly motivated by the lack of money to support the family. Paz showed desperation, confusion and frustration as a result. As our local volunteers began to visit the family with food and other resources, the situation increasingly got better. “Thank you for all the work you do. May God continue to bless your hearts of mercy and continue to have a vision towards Mexico and others countries where there is so much need for hope.”-Argel Ochoa and Liliana Aldan.                  ...

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Three stories of hope in Mexico

Mexicali is an agricultural valley in Baja California, Mexico. Mexicali’s economy has been historically based on agricultural products, and to this day this remains a large sector of the economy. Our local partners currently provide 620 Food Paks that are transported from Tijuana each month and are distributed amongst the locals. One volunteer visited a single mother in the community. She has three children that she is trying to support on her own. Here is one of the children named Carlos, a timid 9 year old boy. He was extremely happy to receive the Food Pak that was provided for him  ...

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Healthy children, healthy country

The container of product for Mexico City was received in mid-March. During the last two weeks in March they were able to distribute food and other aid to people in need. We will continue to hear feedback from them over the next of couple months as they finish the distribution of the product. This family of four is being served by one of our local partners. They met the family when their mom was going through a very desperate time. The family lives just around the corner from a church. When church members offered to bring her food; she welcomed them into her home. The church provided them  ...