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March 30, 2013

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Hope in Peru

Nelly is 24 years old and lives in a situation of extreme poverty. She has four young children of ages 11, 8, 5, and a baby of 7 months. This situation makes it difficult for her to work regularly. Nelly washes clothes occasionally in order to provide for her children and herself. Her companion has a construction job but does not have steady work either. Our local partners in Peru began to reach out to Nelly with food to help meet the needs of their family. She is thankful for the assistance she has received through the Food Paks; as it has helped her to provide nutrition for her four  ...

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Hope in San Antonio

Joe and Holly live in San Antonio, Texas with their little girl. Though they live on the affluent north side of the city, Joe recently lost his job and has been unable to find work for some time now. Many young families split up when they succumb to the economic and social pressures that accompany the difficulties of poverty, but Joe and Holly have chosen to remain together, no matter what. However, the problems have not gone away. A few months ago they were buying food at a local grocery store when one of our local volunteers and her daughter noticed them. Seeing the baby and noticing  ...