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Guys! Could these little faces get any cuter?! I am so obsessed with all the innocence, beauty and colors in this picture! Like, I totally wanna bring all these kids home and just love them- but I am sure their parents wouldn’t appreciate that, hahaha.

Today in our spotlight is our Kid’s Summer Camp in Masville Village Paranque, Philippines. The camp holds 18 girls and 13 boys between the ages of 5-12. All of the children are from families considered “Class C” and “Class D” as per poverty measurement guidelines provided by the Filipino government. This means that they live below the poverty line, and as a result, often lack access to basic necessities for healthy growth. The camp goes on for 8 weeks (from the end of April and into June), and usually ends with a graduation ceremony where each of the children are honored for the time they have spent with our volunteers and all they have learnt. This year’s graduation ceremony will be held on the 11th of June.

What are we trying to achieve?

This camp serves a couple of different purposes. The first, and the most important, is health education. The age group we work with holds children who are now getting old enough to grab a snack/ meal and perform simple tasks like going to the bathroom, on their own. We aim to equip these children with skills that will allow them to make choices that will preserve and promote their health, wellbeing and success in their community. This is the age group where children are still impressionable enough that good habits can be created and solidified.

Topics discussed


Each week, there is a different focus. These range from Food Groups and Hand Washing to Community and Friendship, and even to Teamwork through Arts and Crafts. The classes are taught by both USANA associates and staff, with Dr. Marc Cruz (USANA Ruby Director) leading the discussion on food choices.

Not only are the meals provided during the camp’s duration healthy, but they’re also planned out, approved and prepped by a USANA Philippines supplier! Volunteers from the USANA Philippines office facilitate the camps in conjunction with our local partners. Talk about being the healthiest family on earth! And of course, we couldn’t wrap this up without making sure that all the children who attend the camp are getting their daily dose of Usanimals!

We are so excited for the kids this year, and we just can’t wait to celebrate each and every one of them come June 11th. Don’t forget to check our website for updates on this program over the next couple of weeks!

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