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Garden Towers Sprout in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

The USANA Foundation’s Garden Tower Project has officially expanded!

After two days of playing in the dirt, planting, and a lot of hard work 40 Garden Towers are officially rooted in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico.

“It’s amazing what works out when your intentions are set on bettering the world,” says Eric Davies, development manager for the USANA Foundation.

As we quickly planned a trip to the Foundation For His Ministrya mission we’ve worked with for the last seven years—many people came together in a short amount of time to help establish our roots in this beautiful area with our new Garden Tower Project.

Seedlings were donated by Berrymex.

“Our trip to Mexico taught me nothing is impossible when we have the right desire and vision. Generosity, service, and the determination to see lives improve are values that I saw in the lives of those who were part of building the Usana Garden Towers. This project is all about meeting people’s needs. The need of food, security, and creativity etc.” mentioned Silvia Vowels, programs manager for the USANA Foundation.

Partnering with Professionals

BerryMex, a worldwide, multi-berry producer for Driscoll’s, donated all the dirt we used to build the garden towers. They came out to personally donate seedling trays and discuss future growth in the area. All the plants in the garden towers were also donated! BerryMex expressed how excited they are to be helping in this cause and how these towers are worth getting involved in. With compliments like this from native farmers who’ve been in the business for decades, it’s continued the passion of our expansion and, of course, affirmed there’s something special about these towers.

BerryMex donated seedling trays and soil for the success of the Garden Towers built in Mexico.

USANA Associates came from Ensenada, Mexico City, Tijuana, and other areas of Mexico to make sure these towers are fruitful. Associate Mafer Enciso said, “It’s easier than I thought it would be. Anyone can do it!”

Their excitement to be involved in this project showed when we planned to take two whole days to build the towers. Because everyone worked so hard, and so quickly, we ended up cutting the time down by more than originally anticipated.  

When talking with USANA Foundation President Brian Paul about the Garden Tower expansion in Mexico, he said, “The vision is not about the garden tower itself. It’s about the potential they bring to the people, the community, and the world.”

It’s true. After building these “bundles of happiness,” as Brian calls them, you could see a new hope when someone learned for whom they are being grown. The food will now serve a daycare in San Quintin where children go during the day while their parents work in the fields and to a ranch where men go to receive hope, healing, and health from alcohol or drug addiction. These towers are also grounded at Rafa’s House in San Quintin and the mission’s garden area as well.

After working as partners with the mission for the last seven years, we’ve seen many of these children’s diets go from no produce, to a serving a day to now what will be multiple servings—possibly the daily recommended amount.

Tangible Towers

It’s amazing to see what was once an idea not that long ago, become tangible towers in a new location of the world. From Kenya to our employee garden towers at the Home Office and now in Mexico, we can’t wait to see them dot the world.

Beyond just dotting the world, knowing there are now people who are receiving nutrition beyond anything they’ve ever known. Through good nutrition, there’s hope. Hope for their potential, hope for learning new skills and life lessons, and a hope for their future.

To stay involved with the Garden Tower expansion, follow us on our social media channels here and here and/or make a donation here! If you have a garden tower, feel free to share your progress with us by using the hashtag, #wherehopeisgrown.


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