USANA Champions for Change 5K

August 30, 2014

5K-1This year’s USANA Champions for Change 5K was everything we’d hoped it would be. But, honestly, it wasn’t about running 3.1 miles. Forget about the pace times, who came in first and who came in last, or the many fancy costumes that crossed the finish line. Those things don’t make a champion.

The purpose of this run, held every year on the Saturday morning of International Convention, is showing the world that the USANA family gives back. No matter our individual circumstances, for a few early morning hours, we unite. And more than 2,300 USANA family members proved that we’re willing to do whatever it takes to raise awareness and provide support for those who are less fortunate—those affected by hunger, disease, and unexpected crisis. That’s what this event is about, and our Associates demonstrated this attitude of caring and compassion long before they crossed the finish line.

Keeping with tradition, USANA True Health Foundation President Elaine Pace presented USANA CEO Dave Wentz with a giant check on stage during the closing session. The check, written out to the Foundation, was for a staggering $125,000. Throughout four days, thousands of kind-hearted Associates heard the call for help, and they answered without hesitation. They became champions.

The Champions for Change 5K was only one of the many Convention events held by the USANA True Health Foundation. What will you do today to be a champion? Check out the rest of to learn more about how you can help others through even the smallest donation.