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Many of your fellow USANA Associates that are participating in the Champions for Change 5K have organized teams to help fundraise for the True Health Foundation.  Friends, family and members of their USANA team are now able to show their support and help them reach their fundraising goals without even being at convention. Coming to convention? It’s simple. First, just register for the Champions for Change 5K walk/Run by clicking this link: Next, choose a fun name for your team. Heather’s Heroes, Eeva’s Angels, Associates United – you get the  ...

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Making a difference- one revolution at a time

Now, I’m just going to go ahead and warn you- the photos included in this post may cause SEVERE joy. Please beware, and proceed at your own discretion. I hope your weekend was awesome- cause ours sure was! On Saturday June 11th, 800 USANA associates across 8 states in Malaysia basically caused a small revolution! Can you believe that all of these awesome associates spent their whole day serving the less fortunate across the country?! 13 venues, you guys! 13!!! Like, my heart just can’t handle it! From  children’s homes in Johor Bahru, to Feeding street-families in Kuala  ...

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The Fog Has Lifted: A pair of eye glasses change Pedro’s life

Since fourth grade, Pedro has been living in a foggy, indistinguishable world because of poor eyesight. His eyesight was so bad that his mother had to read his homework to him. He knew that glasses could rectify his problem, but sadly his family was too poor to afford them. Today, now at 16 years old, he wakes up early with hope because he heard that one of our partners would be checking vision and providing free eyeglasses in a nearby small, remote town in Central Guatemala, San Agustin. When the team gave Pedro his first pair of glasses, he could see clearly for the first time in about  ...

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La neblina se ha disipado: un par de lentes le cambia la vida a Pedro

La neblina se ha disipado: un par de lentes le cambia la vida a Pedro Como resultado de sus problemas de la vista, desde cuarto grado Pedro ha vivido en un mundo indistinguible, cubierto de neblina.  Ve tan mal, que su madre tiene que leerle la tarea; y aunque sabe que unos lentes podrían corregir su problema, tristemente su familia es demasiado pobre como para poder comprarlos.  Hoy, a los 16 años, Pedro se ha levantado temprano, lleno de esperanza, porque escuchó que uno de nuestros aliados estará haciendo exámenes de la vista y proporcionará lentes sin costo en San Agustín, una pequeña  ...

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Why we have a charity

Between 2014 and 2016, the Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that out of the 7.3 billion people in the world, 795 million of them have been suffering from chronic malnourishment. This equates to one in nine people, almost all of whom live in developing countries. If you’re anything like me, those numbers sound very overwhelming. I mean, 795 MILLION people? I can’t even begin to visualize that! So how can I—just one individual—make a positive impact on this issue? Better yet, how can every single one of us make a difference? Dr. Wentz’ Vision “I dream of a world free from the  ...