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Meet Nakabonye Annociata

Nakabonye Annociata is a single mother who takes care of five children, including a four month old baby that was abandoned by an unknown mother shortly after birth. She began saving a little bit of money here and there and finally had the courage to take a loan from the village self-help group. She used this money to buy a dairy cow. Now she milks her cow, keeping some milk at home for her children and selling what is left to pay off the loan as well as pay for the necessary veterinary services and other expenses. She is truly thankful for the donations and volunteers through our local  ...

  Africa, Areas, Stories

Hope after the Rwanda genocide

This is a picture of Madam Dafroza, her two daughters, and her grandson. This family has been deeply affected by the genocide that took place in this country in 1994. Approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers lost their lives during the worst 100 days this country has ever experienced. During these 100 days, Hutu extremists attempted to kill all Tutsis living in Rwanda. There was no safe refuge for the Tutsis in Rwanda. The Hutu extremists set up road blocks to check ID cards, they went door to door, and they even slaughtered Tutsis in hospitals, schools and churches. One of the  ...