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Huracán Matthew

El país más pobre de las Américas ha recibido un golpe directo de la peor tormenta ocurrida en el Caribe en la última década.  Ciudades y poblados completos fueron totalmente arrasados.  Cientos de personas resultaron muertas y miles fueron desplazadas.  Se cree que el huracán Matthew, una tormenta categoría 4, causó la muerte de al menos 900 personas en Haití durante los siete días que mantuvo su fuerza como huracán. Haití, uno de los países más pobres del mundo, no ha podido recuperarse por completo del terremoto que en 2010 mató a miles de personas, ni de la epidemia de cólera que  ...

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Haiti: Update from the Foundation

Remember when we told you about the action the Foundation was taking in Haiti? In case you missed it, catch up here. As you may already know, Hurricane Matthew ravaged its way through Haiti all the way down through the US, hitting Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our 16 pallets of antibiotics, pain relievers and oral rehydration medicine were scheduled to start their journey from Georgia to Port Au Prince at the beginning of last week. However, with the storm coming in, the Georgia coast was completely evacuated- forcing our transit partners out of the area until  ...

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Hurricane Matthew

The poorest country in the Americas has taken a direct hit from the worst Caribbean storm in the last decade. Whole villages and towns have been completely wiped out. Hundreds of people are dead, and thousands displaced. Hurricane Matthew, a Category Four storm, is believed to have killed at least 900 people in Haiti over the seven days during which it kept up its hurricane strength. Haiti – one of the world’s poorest countries – has never fully recovered from the earthquake in 2010 that killed thousands of people and a cholera epidemic that followed. With over 200,000  ...

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Stories of hope in Haiti

Wanita is a single mother with three children, ages five, four and three. Wanita faces extreme challenges finding a stable job because employers will only hire people with professional experience, on top of the unemployment rate being at 80%. She makes a living finding construction work sites and offering to pull water from a local river for the workers. After the earthquake she lost her home and was forced to live in a tent. She soon found herself with no place to live after the government told her to relocate. Her friend told her about Onaville, a city where many families  ...