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The Story of Rahman and His Wife Zaitun Bi

A Muslim refugee family from Burma has been in America only 5 months. Rahman and his wife Zaitun Bi care for their daughter, Noor Aliyah, who is 7 years-old, as well as their 5 year-old niece, Wahida. There is a huge language barrier and Rahman has had complications that render him partially blind in one eye. Rahman has already lost a job due to his health and language deficiency and this has made it hard for him to provide for his family. CHF’s ministry partners from Legacy Fellowship Church in Albany Park, Illinois, befriended this struggling family. They have been visiting the family  ...

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The gift that keeps on giving

The Rios family was going through a very difficult time. The mother has severe diabetes and just found out she was pregnant with their third child. Because of her high risk pregnancy, Mrs. Rios’ medical bills were astronomical. The family was struggling to get by. As our local partners were going door-door introducing the Food Pak program, they knocked on the Rios family’s door. The volunteers explained the Food Pak program and asked if the Rios’ would like to be part of the program. The family was so amazed that someone would be willing to serve them that they gratefully accepted. The  ...

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Family first

Edgara nd Maria are married and have 4 children but have recently become of family of 10. Edgar’s brother and sister-in-law have had drug addictions which have made their home a hostile environment for their children. Edgar and Maria agreed to welcome their nieces and nephews into their home as a temporary safe haven. While Edgar is employed full-time, the needs of the additional children proved to be a financial strain on the family. Our local partners have been able to begin bringing Food Paks, which has helped the family and the children to meet a real need in a serious family crisis.  ...

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Selfless in the Midwest

Regardless of the fact that Olivia herself needed assistance, she was giving aid to another family and even giving the Food Paks she received from us to them first. Olivia did not approach us for additional help. We ultimately found out that she was unemployed and was not receiving any government assistance for her and her four children. Her husband was able to find work out of state and he returns home about once a month to visit his family. When we first called Olivia she was very surprised to hear from us. We set up a day to visit her at home and to our surprise she was not planning on  ...

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Floods in Illinois

Tremendous rainstorms hit northern Illinois and Indiana in April causing some of the worst flooding in Illinois history. Jayna (11), Tanaya (7), and their mother Lakeisha were evacuated from their basement apartment in Hammond, Indiana, just before the floodwaters poured in. When they returned home, they found six inches of water throughout the apartment. To make matters worse, the water was heavily mixed with sewage, which meant that everything the water touched had to be destroyed. It also meant that the entire home needed to be thoroughly cleaned before they could move back  ...