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Two Stories of Hope in Europe

Oksana spends her days at home in Belarus with her widowed mother. One of her favorite times of the week is when volunteers come to visit her. They bring much needed food and resources and sometimes, they even bring some extra toys for her. Though Oksana is 16 years old, her special needs cause her to behave more like a 5 year-old. In small impoverished communities, children with special needs can sometimes be forgotten or be the last to receive aid and support. However, this is not the case for Oksana. The members of the church visit her regularly to play and read to her, which she  ...

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Kolia from Ukraine

Kolia is handicapped and in a wheelchair, but he is full of life and energy. One volunteer met him in the street and became friends with him. Not long ago, Kolia got married to Lyuda and soon after, they gave birth to a wonderful baby. They live modestly and experience hardship regularly. The volunteer has built a relationship with the family and he visits them regularly, bringing Food Paks to them. Through the support of the Food Paks, they now have more stability in their lives.                   41, 482 meals were distributed in  ...

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Meet Veronika from Belarus

Veronika, is raising six small children on her own. Veronika lost two of her young children in a fire that also destroyed the family’s home. After the fire, the family moved to another location where they are now struggling to survive. They have lost so much and are unable to make ends meet. They’re so grateful for USANA True Health Foundation for enabling the provision of meals for their family.               61,226 meals were distributed in Belarus during the second quarter of 2014. Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True  ...

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Three stories of hope in Ukraine

Malena and her husband Eugenie are raising their son, Maksim. They are a young family and are faced with hardships which are common among young families. They are struggling financially, and it has been hard for our volunteers to keep track and be able to visit with them regularly. Through these hardships, we are still able to serve the family with food and other resources and encourage them. Without the income of her husband, Elena’s family struggles to make it by. Like many families, they’re in desperate need of hope, and we seek to help them through providing food for them.  ...

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Family reconciliation in Belarus

Our partners in Belarus shared the story of one man that they had visited over the course of a year. When they met him for the first time, he began to weep and tell them about his family—how his wife and children had abandoned him and how he had lost his job. Our partners visited him and supported him with Food Paks for three months. After three months the church had determined that he no longer needed the Food Paks on a regular basis. After they stopped delivering the Food Paks, they lost touch with him. A year and a half later they ran into him while out in the city and the man did not  ...