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Nauda from Belarus

Nauda is a foster parent in Belarus who cares for seven children, in addition to her own son. Recently, she opened up her home to two more children in need, bringing in a brother and sister.
Citizens of Belarus still live under an oppressive dictator. In the midst of extremely harsh circumstances, Nauda and her children have been able to find joy and hope.
Some of this hope has come through the faithful service of our local volunteers, who visit the family twice a month to bring Food Paks.


The meals provide much needed relief for this family, who
otherwise may have gone without. With ten little mouths to feed, Nauda is very grateful.
With each home visit and Food Pak also comes emotional support. With great joy, Nauda and her children wait in anticipation for the volunteers’ next visit. Nauda knows it will bring much encouragement through conversation and food. The love and care shown by our local volunteers has brought a lot of light to the lives of each family member.

The USANA True Health Foundation could not possibly change all these lives across the world without your support. We are incredibly grateful to all of our donors for their consistent support that allows the Foundation to reach out to the world.

136,518 meals were distributed in Eastern Europe during the first quarter of 2016

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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