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December 30, 2015

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The Story of Rahman and His Wife Zaitun Bi

A Muslim refugee family from Burma has been in America only 5 months. Rahman and his wife Zaitun Bi care for their daughter, Noor Aliyah, who is 7 years-old, as well as their 5 year-old niece, Wahida. There is a huge language barrier and Rahman has had complications that render him partially blind in one eye. Rahman has already lost a job due to his health and language deficiency and this has made it hard for him to provide for his family. CHF’s ministry partners from Legacy Fellowship Church in Albany Park, Illinois, befriended this struggling family. They have been visiting the family  ...

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Three Stories of Hope in Latin America

* The following stories were written directly by the recipients/ministry partners. “My name is Roselene Joseph. I live in the countryside, more speci cally in Bintouribe, near Christian Baptist Church––of which I am a member. It does not rain very often in here, and for that reason, we experience a lot of hunger. Our lives depend on the successful growth of our crops. We nd ourselves in great di culty to live right now due to an extreme drought. However, my two year old and I found grace before the eyes of our pastor, and we have been receiving Food Paks for the last couple of months. is  ...