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September 30, 2014

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Hope in Mexico

Paz and Rene were struggling in their marriage. Their strife was mostly motivated by the lack of money to support the family. Paz showed desperation, confusion and frustration as a result. As our local volunteers began to visit the family with food and other resources, the situation increasingly got better. “Thank you for all the work you do. May God continue to bless your hearts of mercy and continue to have a vision towards Mexico and others countries where there is so much need for hope.”-Argel Ochoa and Liliana Aldan.                  ...

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Road to sustainability

Shristi, Sujana, and Samuel never heard from their father again after he didn’t come home from work one day. After being abandoned, it was impossible for their mother to find work with three small children at home. Seeing their great need, a neighbor gave them some rice in an effort to help. Once a day for the next four months, the family ate Khole (rice soup). Soon after, one of our local volunteers met them. We began helping them with food and clothing. The faithful volunteers were also able to help the mother find work washing clothes. Soon, she earned enough to pay rent as well as  ...

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Meet Nakabonye Annociata

Nakabonye Annociata is a single mother who takes care of five children, including a four month old baby that was abandoned by an unknown mother shortly after birth. She began saving a little bit of money here and there and finally had the courage to take a loan from the village self-help group. She used this money to buy a dairy cow. Now she milks her cow, keeping some milk at home for her children and selling what is left to pay off the loan as well as pay for the necessary veterinary services and other expenses. She is truly thankful for the donations and volunteers through our local  ...

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Eba Nyameke and her nine children

“My name is Eba Nyameke and I am 27 years of age. I am married with 9 children. Though I didn’t give birth to all these children, I have given birth to 4 of them. I do consider all of them as mine; though I struggle even to feed my own kids. I grew up bitter and in pain, feeling unloved and suffering because, at the age of 7, I was physically and sexually abused. My mother could not help me and there was no other means to help myself. So I lived with this pain for many years as nobody was ready to listen to me. Children in my village are uncared for. The majority of children in this  ...